Discovering Books

SEPTEMBER 6,2008 On 6th September,the Habitat Children’s Book Forum organized another interesting and rewarding session for children.This time the children were introduced to the process of bringing out a magazine.The workshop organized by Ms.Devika Rangachari & Ms.Deepa Agarwal was conducted by Ms.Navin Menon,Editor,Children’s World,alongwith Ms.Geeta Menon,Assistant editor. Ms.Navin Menon is the editor of Children’s World,magazineContinue reading “Discovering Books”


Terror in Fun City:Ramendra Kumar

AUGUST 9,2008 The Habitat Children’s Book Forum had organised a book launch on 9th August at India Habitat Centre.The programme was organised by Mrs.Deepa Agarwal and Ms.Devika Rangachari. The book launched was “TERROR IN FUN CITY”, by well-known writer Mr.Ramendra Kumar,published by Navneet Publications.The author had come all the way from Rourkela to share hisContinue reading “Terror in Fun City:Ramendra Kumar”

The Famous Smile:Geeta Dharmarajan; Kaleh and the Singsong Castle:Anahita Taymourian

MAY10,2008 On the 10th of May,The Habitat Children’s Book Forum organised a meet for children led by the eminent writers Mrs.Deepa Agarwal and Ms.Devika Rangachari.The meeting featured two books for the young ones.They were THE FAMOUS SMILE by Geeta Dharmarajan and KALEH AND THE SINGSONG CASTLE by Anahita Taymourian.These books are published by Katha.Many schoolsContinue reading “The Famous Smile:Geeta Dharmarajan; Kaleh and the Singsong Castle:Anahita Taymourian”

Battle for number 19:Ranjit Lall

APRIL 12,2008 The Habitat Children’s Book Forum on April 12th ,featured the book-THE BATTLE FOR NUMBER 19,by leading children’s writer Ranjit Lal.A powerful story about 8 schoolgirls grappling with a vicious enemy in the stormy days following Indira Gandhi’s assassination,this gripping book highlights the moral dilemmas of young people in today’s violent world. To speakContinue reading “Battle for number 19:Ranjit Lall”