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On 6th September,the Habitat Children’s Book Forum organized another interesting and rewarding session for children.This time the children were introduced to the process of bringing out a magazine.The workshop organized by Ms.Devika Rangachari & Ms.Deepa Agarwal was conducted by Ms.Navin Menon,Editor,Children’s World,alongwith Ms.Geeta Menon,Assistant editor.

Ms.Navin Menon is the editor of Children’s World,magazine for children and the Senior Assitant Editor of Children’s Book Trust.She has an experience of more than 25 years in book publishing and has edited more than 75 books.Ms.Geeta Menon is the Assisant Editor of the magazine and is the person behind the creative corner of the magazine.She designs Crosswords and various other activities for the magazine.

The workshop was attended by 12 students of class IV from our school.Others who attended were Bluebells School,Sardar Patel School and Springdales School.

In the beginning of the workshop,we were given a brief lecture about the process of bringing together a magazine.Various technical terminologies were explained to us like:

1.Manuscript-The article in its original form the handwriting of the writer.

2.Acceptance and rejection-It means either an article is accepted for publication or rejected.

3.Composing and evaluation-Deciding what is worth publishing and doing away with the excess in the work.Then preparing the article into a striaght text or bringing everything into a straight alignment.

4.Criteria or standards of acceptance-There are various criterias for deciding whether an article is to published or not.
a. How does it read? or whether there is coherence of text.
b.The length of the text,retain the thoughts and cut off the
unnecessary elements.
c.Focus of thought and whether it relates to the content?

5.Pagination-It describes the layout of the magazine ie.numbering of the pages and finalising which article goes where.

6.Cover pages-There are four cover pages in a magazine and the one at the back is called back cover.These are in colour while the pages inside are to be in different colours or simple black and white is decided on the basis of budget since colour printing is expensive.

7.Proof-A composed manuscript is called a proof.It read for errors and changes and only when satisfied with the final draft is it send from the editor’s desk to the printing press.

Talking about Crosswords,we got to learn some interesting facts.Crosswords are of two kinds:Regular and Irregular crosswords.A Regular crosswords is one which remains the same even when turned upside down ie 180 degree.The grid of a crossword is sectioned into 8 squares crosswords or 11 squares crosswords,depending upon the age group it caters to.The children learned how to make a crossword and did some activity based on it.

The later half of the session comprised of creative writing.In this,children were asked to compose a story or a poem using 13 words which were suggested by the children themselves.Some of the words suggested were appetite,magic,sequence,explorer,etc.

Those who were not able to do so were given the option to write an article on the topic”The sound of silence”.For this the children had to maintain pin drop silence,sink within themselves and let silence pervade their entire being.And then feel the silence and hear the noises around.It could be anything from the cawing of a crow to the whirring of the fans.They were to write about their thoughts that come when the soul is at rest and silence is what rules.Making
themselves the protagonist they had to spin a story around the voices and sounds.

Children came up with beautiful and awe inspiring writings.It gave them an opportunity to exercise their creative faculties and provided them a platform where they could create “Portraits with Words”.The kids enjoyed the sessions a lot and were disappointed wen the session ended.They wished that it would carry on a little more longer.But all good things come to an end and so did the workshop.The kids are looking forward towards attending many more such workshops.

It was day well spent for the kids as well as for me…


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