Terror in Fun City:Ramendra Kumar

AUGUST 9,2008

The Habitat Children’s Book Forum had organised a book launch on 9th August at India Habitat Centre.The programme was organised by Mrs.Deepa Agarwal and Ms.Devika Rangachari.

The book launched was “TERROR IN FUN CITY”, by well-known writer Mr.Ramendra Kumar,published by Navneet Publications.The author had come all the way from Rourkela to share his book with children.

To speak about him,Mr.Ramendra Kumar is an award winning author with 12 books to his credit.A regular contributor to children’s magazines and e-zines,he is also the editor of the popular children’s website:www.bolokids.com.He also has also won many prestigious awards and his works have been published in many different countries.He has won the XVI All India Competition for Writers of Children’s Books 2001 organised by the CBT.His story “THE WISE KANHU”,has been translated into Japanese and adapted as “Kamishibai”-the traditional form of storytelling in Japan.The story is being performed by the artists of International Kamishibai Association Of Japan(IKAJA)in different countries.Another story “THE SPIRIT OF DIWALI”,has been published in the textbook ‘Searching 9’,for class IX of Norway.Only two Indian writers have the honour of being included in textbooks of other countries,they are Rabindranath Tagore and Ramendra Kumar.

The function was attended by 25 students of class V from our school.They got an excellent opportunity to interact with the author and also ask him questions regarding his choice of subject as well as his interests.

“Terror in Fun City”, is a book about terrorism and how youngsters can help fight it.He gave us an insight into the mind of a terrorist and that a “terrorist is not born but made”.He educated the children about the misconceptions that people have about terrorism and terrorists.The interactive session after the book launch helped the children to clear the clouds they had about the concepts of “terrorism”.Children asked a lot of questions about how aterrorist is made? And what makes them commit such heinous crimes?What were his interests?Why he took terror and terrorism as the subject of his book?.The children were later made to write an article on the topic: “The day I met a terrorist”.All the children submitted their work and some read of them aloud.The author was quite delighted with the imaginative writings and said that the best of them would be included in his website.

A special mention goes to Ansh Lohia of class V-B.He was very impressive in his behaviour.He impressed one and all with his questions and also the way he interacted with everyone.He asked Mr.Ramendra Kumar questions about his books and also spoke to Mrs.Deepa Agarwal and Ms.Devika Rangachari.


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