Chandrakanta & Literary Quiz

NOVEMBER 15,2008

The Habitat Children’s Book Forum celebrated its 5th birthday on 15th November,2008.As part of the celebrations a lot of fun-filled book related activities were organised.

The Habitat Children’s Book Forum came into being on 13th October,2003 under the able leadership of eminent writers Ms.Deepa Agarwal and Ms.Paro Anand.The forum aims at bringing books and kids together and helps them realise the fun in reading.The forum has been active in engaging children in reading and makes them see what fun it is to read.

This year celebrating its fifth birthday the forum organised a number of activities for the kids at the Amphitheatre,India Habitat Centre,Lodi Road.The Annual event programme started off with a welcome by Ms.Devika Rangachari and Ms.Deepa Agarwal,famous children’s fiction writers.This was followed by ‘Masquerade’, wherein the kids had to wear masks of their favourite storybook character and tell the audience about it.This was followed by the book launch of the Hindi classic “Chandrakanta”,Devakinandan Khatri’s gripping novel translated in English by Deepa Agarwal.Next event was the Literary Quiz based on a list of 20 books.

Children from our school participated in all the activities.Four children from the junior section took part in the ‘Masquerade’.They were accompanied by Ms.Garima Arora under whose guidance and efforts the kids prepared masks which had everyone enthralled and spellbound. Ridham Bharti(III-C),Manav Sikka(III-B),Anjali(III-A) and Chirag Wadhwa
(II-B) took part in the ‘Masquerade’.They wore masks of characters like AGAR MAGAR(The Famous Smile),COUNT and ELMO(Elmo).The kids spoke about the characters and amused everyone with their antics.The audience appreciated the acts a lot and applauded for them with cheers.Our school was adjudged the best among the many schools that participated.

Then the book launch of the classic “Chandrakanta” took place after which Ms.Deepa Agarwal read out a few passages from the book.This was followed by the much awaited Literary Quiz.Several schools participated in it.Rupanshi Das (V-B) from our school won a prize in the quiz.

All in all it was a fun filled day which brought the children even more closer to books.More such activities should take place as they serve a perfect medium to draw children towards reading and that too for pleasure.


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