Junie B Jones is a girl. The B stands for Beatrice except that she doesn’t like it. She reads in kindergarten in room nine. She calls her teacher Mrs. One day in class Mrs. Asks all the children to bring a card for everyone in room nine as it was valentine’s day the next day. Junie B said that she does not want to bring a card for Jim. But Mrs. said that you have to bring a card for everyone. So the children had to bring 17 cards the next day.

When the children brought the cards to room nine Mrs. collected them and distributed them among the children. When all the children had received their cards, they started counting them and so did Junie B. When she counted her cards she found she had only 16 of them. So she counted once again. Even then there were only 16 of them. So she went to Mrs. and said, “Mrs. I got only 16 cards.” Mrs. checked the box to see that there were no more cards. Suddenly she saw a card and it belonged to Junie B. When Junie B saw the card, she sprang up in the air because it was the “MUSHY GUSHY VALENTINE CARD”!!!

During the break Junie B Jones came to the class to see her special card, Jim was also there. Junie B was looking at the card when Jim said don’t spoil the card. Junie asked why? He said because I have given that card to you. Junie B was shocked to listen that the boy who she hated very much had given her a very special card. Then Junie B asked him why did you give me this card? Jim said I gave you this card because I like you. Suddenly he stopped and requested Junie B to not to tell anybody otherwise all the other children would make fun of him.

It is fun to read Junie B Jones books.They are simple to read and really funny.



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