The Folk Of The Faraway Tree

In this book by Enid Blyton, the main characters are Jo, Bessie and Fanny. They are brother and sisters. They have found the faraway tree. Their mother receives a letter from her friend Lizzie Haynes that her daughter Connie cannot live alone as she is going out for a long holiday due to her illness. So she would be staying with them. But Connie is a spoilt and awfully curious girl. She always pokes her nose into other things. Yet her mother agreed because she was going to get a good cost for it. Jo, Bessie and Fanny were thinking that since Connie is so curious she will be glad to know about the Enchanted Wood. But Connie doesn’t believe them and makes fun of them saying its all fake and nonsense. But when she is taken to the faraway tree she has to believe it. So, from there the adventures begin with Moonface, Silky, Saucepan, Whatizname, Connie, Jo, Bessie and Fanny in the different lands of the Faraway Tree. It’s a must read for all who love to explore.






Published by avid reader

Words do not describe a person. I am many things and yet nothing. I am an avid reader, reading her way through the pages of life. Some stories warm the heart and yet others have let me dry. I am a result of my life, and yet my life is part a result of me. Don't try to figure me.

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