One day when Noddy was sleeping someone came and knocked at his door hard.He woke up and opened the door and saw his friend,Big Ears.Noddy was shocked to see Big Ears so early in the morning.Big Ears told him that he had come for breakfast and to holiday with Noddy.Noddy wore his blue shorts,red shirt and tied his yellow scarf and got ready,while Big Ears made the breakfast.Suddenly Big Ears saw that milk was finished as Noddy had drunk the milk previous night.Just then surprisingly the milkman shouted “Milko Milko”.Big Ears opened the door and took two bottles of milk.He in return gave the milkman the money for two bottles.Big Ears called Noddy for breakfast and told him about his beautiful holiday plan.His plan was for a seaside vacation,as it was lovely weather.Noddy got a bit scared hearing about deep water.But when Big Ears asked him to go,he was ready as Big Ears was his best friend and he believed that the seaside would be a lovely place.

The story is really nice.I will read more books by Enid Blyton.



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