STUDENTS’ REPORT ON “MEET THE AUTHOR, MEET JANE JOLLY” 12th AUGUST, 2010 MADHVI BANGUR (VII-A): “When first our teacher Sigy Ma’am told us that we are going to the Australian High Commission to meet an author, Jane Jolly, I was really excited. I had all sorts of things running in my mind like she mightContinue reading “STUDENTS’ REPORT ON “MEET THE AUTHOR, MEET JANE JOLLY” 12th AUGUST, 2010”

Faces in the water:December 4’2010

FACES IN THE WATER: RANJIT LALL It’s not the first time I went for a Book Discussion with Sigy Ma’am. I really look forward to them because the books they select are different from what children generally read. The activities we do after each discussion is also fun and the topics are really interesting. ThisContinue reading “Faces in the water:December 4’2010”

HCBF Celebrations:November 3’2010

HCBF ANNUAL CELEBRATIONS The HCBF celebrated its seventh birthday with its Annual event on November 13, held at IHC Lodi Road. Many events were planned for the celebration. From our school 5 children from class IV took part in “Create a Newspaper” activity. Children made the front page of a news paper based on theContinue reading “HCBF Celebrations:November 3’2010”

Mr.Oliver’s Diary:October 23’2010

“MR.OLIVER’S DIARY: RUSKIN BOND” Excited, thrilled, jubilant, I was all these and more. When Sigy Ma’am told me that in October we have a book discussion on Ruskin Bond’s book, I just could not control myself. I gave Ma’am my name in advance because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity at all. So, onContinue reading “Mr.Oliver’s Diary:October 23’2010”

Weave a story:UNESCO;September 7;2010

DONATE A BOOK INITITAIVE, SEPTEMBER 9’2010 Under the “Donate a Book” initiative of UNESCO-Times Foundation, UNESCO in collaboration with the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum organized a workshop for children to enable them to discover the traditional arts and crafts of India and the stories hidden in them. The schedule of the workshop was: first,Continue reading “Weave a story:UNESCO;September 7;2010”