Faces in the water:December 4’2010


It’s not the first time I went for a Book Discussion with Sigy Ma’am. I really look forward to them because the books they select are different from what children generally read. The activities we do after each discussion is also fun and the topics are really interesting.

This time we went for Ranjit Lall’s book “Faces in the water”. For this book, Sigy Ma’am told us to find information about female infanticide. I was shocked to read the information on net. Even today, in the 21st century there are people who do not want a girl child. They think she is a burden, and who will carry the family’s name forward. It is more seen in villages where there is lack of education and awareness. But there are people even in cities that kill the girl child and think it is a shame when a girl is born. I was shocked to think that how could parents kill their child just because it’s a girl.

In the session, Ranjit Sir first read a few passages from the book. Some were humorous while some were sad. The way he has described the characters, they seemed real. Sir did not tell what happens in the end. I want to read and find out myself. Then we were given a writing activity to do. We were asked to write on the topic: Would you like to read books dealing with social issues? I definitely want to read such books but only if they are not very serious, and written in a manner like this book. It should have some humour and should put the issues in a way that it is not very unpleasant. My other friends Deven, Srijan, Siddhant, all wish to read such books but they should have some comedy and the topic should not be too serious for us to read. Writers should write more such books that will inform us of more social evils. Some we have studied in school textbooks, but through stories they are better understood. I am waiting for more book discussions. It was a day that made me aware of a social evil present even today. I learned and enjoyed in the session.



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