HCBF Celebrations:November 3’2010


The HCBF celebrated its seventh birthday with its Annual event on November 13, held at IHC Lodi Road. Many events were planned for the celebration. From our school 5 children from class IV took part in “Create a Newspaper” activity. Children made the front page of a news paper based on the Geronimo Stilton series published by Scholastic.
This fascinating character is a mouse that brings out a news paper.

For the activity, the children were prepared beforehand. They were shown different newspapers and asked to observe the front page and tell the various parts in a front page. The children observed each newspaper keenly and listed the components. They are:

1. Title of the newspaper
2. Headlines
3. Weather Report
4. Advertisement
5. News Articles- political, sports, etc.
6. Cartoon Speak-political critic.

On the day of the event, the children were excited. We sang in the bus all the way till IHC. The event began with a welcome and introduction by Ms. Deepa Agarwal (co-founder of HCBF). This was followed by a Book Parade-a recap of all the books featured in the last year through posters of the covers. After the parade, the much awaited activity was announced. Children were given chart paper to make the front page of the newspaper and then dispersed to various corners. We had already planned the layout of the newspaper. Our newspaper titled “Cheesy Times”. Our school’s work was appreciated the most as unlike other schools we drew illustrations and did not use photos as mentioned in their letter. Just when the activity finished, it started to rain and we all huddled inside to stay dry. When it reduced to a drizzle we headed back school. The event was fun if not for the rain that played spoilsport.


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