Mr.Oliver’s Diary:October 23’2010


Excited, thrilled, jubilant, I was all these and more. When Sigy Ma’am told me that in October we have a book discussion on Ruskin Bond’s book, I just could not control myself. I gave Ma’am my name in advance because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity at all.

So, on October 23, I and my friends reached India Habitat Centre with Sigy Ma’am. We were the first ones to arrive at the venue, and were unable to hold our excitement. Deepa Ma’am and Devika Ma’am were also there. They began a discussion on the books written by Ruskin Bond. We all answered “Rusty”, “The hidden pool”, “Blue Umbrella”, etc. Then other schools also arrived. When we were all seated, Devika Ma’am welcomed us all and then gave an introduction about the Book Forum for those who were new. We were then shown a PowerPoint presentation on the life and books of Ruskin Bond. We were aware of some facts while some were new.

Then Devika Ma’am read a few passages from the book “Mr.Oliver’s Diary”. The book is a diary entry of Mr. Oliver, a teacher. About his life at school, the pranks children played, the problems caused by the frogs and so on. It was really funny and amusing to hear the diary entries. After the readings, Deepa Ma’am asked us to write a diary entry imagining ourselves as a teacher, and write pranks played by students. Everyone wrote funny entries. After everyone had written, Devika Ma’am called out children to read what each had written. From our school Avni and Sneha of class VIII, and Madhvi of class VII read their entries. Everyone clapped aloud when they finished reading.

The session then ended. I enjoy these discussions a lot especially the writing activity because I am in creative writing club and these help me write better. They are fun and since I love books these discussions become fun with learning.

Thank you Ma’am.



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