12th AUGUST, 2010

MADHVI BANGUR (VII-A): “When first our teacher Sigy Ma’am told us that we are going to the Australian High Commission to meet an author, Jane Jolly, I was really excited. I had all sorts of things running in my mind like she might give us a little story t write and the one whose she finds the best, she will allow that child to help her write a novel. But nothing like this happened. Jane Jolly instead told us about her ups and downs in life. How some of her story’s were rejected and then taken. She even read her first published novel to us which is “Limpopo Lullaby”. She told us that whatever she saw as interesting or unusual she notes them down and at the end of the day she tries to make it into a story or poetry. She wrote her book “Limpopo Lullaby” by seeing a newspaper article in which there was a flood n a village in Africa and the villagers all climbed a tree, and a woman gave birth to a baby on the tree itself. Then the children all started asking questions about her life and her books. She answered them all and then again told us about the books she had written. We took pictures with her and took her autograph as well. In the end I would say that I too will keep a diary and note down things so that I could also write a story.”

SAI MANOHAR (VII-A): “We reached the Australian High Commission on 12th August to meet the author, Jane Jolly. We met a representative from UNESCO, Ms.Aparna. At 11.00 am, the author came and explained her first book “Limpopo Lullaby”. She also read the book. Her second book was “Glass Tears”. Then we had an interaction with her. We asked her many questions. There were three other schools present also. They are Tagore International School and the other schools were Amity International, Pushp Vihar and Saket. We asked the author a lot of questions and she answered only a few she knew. She gave us a lot of ideas to write a story. She told keep a small diary and note down things we find interesting. I found the meeting really fun.”

ANKIT KATARIA (VII-B): “I was on seventh heaven when I came to know I would be meeting an Australian author. We went to the Australian High Commission where a guard led us to a large auditorium where I saw the author, Jane Jolly. We had a good time with her. She told us about her experiences, the book she wrote and about the struggle she faced for getting her first book published. She told us that she had to wait for 4 years to get her book published. I asked her a question- Why have you chosen the profession of an author, as you earn less money in it? She was unable to answer that question. More questions were put up. Children asked a lot of questions and this program ended. It a meeting I would remember forever-meeting an international author!!”

DHRUV KALRA (VII-B): “My heart knew no bounds when I was asked to meet an Australian author. My stomach gave a sudden leap and was too excited to meet the Australian author, Jane Jolly, to interact with her and share my experience with others. When we reached the Australian High Commission we were howling with excitement. The interaction began with the author telling about her books, how she wrote the stories, rejections and so on. She told us that best stories come up from real life observations. So we should all be aware of our surroundings and observe things. After that were firing some brilliant questions which she left unanswered. The interaction boosted our creativity and imagination. The wonderful day ended with a picture taken with the author.”

DEVEN CHHABRA (VII-C): “I was bursting with excitement when I got to know that I have the opportunity to meet an Australian author. When we reached the Australian High Commission, I was thinking that there would be lot of fun. We were seated in a big room or we can say a small hall, and we were asked to wait there. The first glimpse of the author sent layers of excitement through my body. The interaction started. Her name was Jane Jolly and she worked as a teacher and also wrote books. She told us something about her books and how stories are written. We asked her a lot of questions and she answered them happily. Then we asked her to give us her autograph. She gave her best wishes and we clicked a photo with her. This was an experience that I will remember throughout my lifetime.”

M.SONALI (VII-D): “We were off to the Australian High Commission to meet the Australian author, Jane Jolly. I was excited that I got the chance to be part of the group. During the conversation Jane Jolly talked about the way in which she wrote books from manuscripts. She told us that she noted every moment that she found unusual, then whenever she got the time, she compiled it and turned it into a story. She also told that she had also done mistakes many times. Once when she had given her story the “Limpopo Lullaby” almost three times to the publishers, but every time her story was returned by the editors saying that she had made many grammatical mistakes. But she never lost her patience and always corrected her mistakes, and sent it again. Finally, her book was published. Other than ‘Limpopo Lullaby’, she wrote many other books but only few of her books were published such as “Glass Tears” and “Ali, the bold heart”. All of her books were awesome. The meeting was fantastic and would definitely want to meet more authors and learn of their experiences.”


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Words do not describe a person. I am many things and yet nothing. I am an avid reader, reading her way through the pages of life. Some stories warm the heart and yet others have let me dry. I am a result of my life, and yet my life is part a result of me. Don't try to figure me.


  1. Hi everyone. I have just come across your wordpress site and I love all of your comments. I am a bit sorry that I couldn’t answer all of your questions. Maybe they were too hard. In 2011 I returned to India and travelled to Woodstock School in Mussoorie and then to Ahmedabad to an Adani school and then to Mundra to another Adani school. I have a bog myself. You will find it at
    Good luck with all of your writing! Love from Jane


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