Terror on the Titanic:August 28’2010


The Titanic started its journey towards New York on April 14, 1912. And onboard were Morningstar Agency’s star agents, Nathaniel Brown and Genevieve. They are sent on a mission to prevent a stolen jewel, a ruby known as the Eye of the Empire, from reaching America. The mission seemed simple enough were it not for the monstrous aliens who are also seeking the jewel. The monsters known as Parloks were hybrid monsters, who under the guise of human skin hid their monstrous elves. There were Golems, who were at loggerheads with the Parloks.

So on August 28th we embarked on a historic journey aboard the Titanic, we sailed back in time to reach the Titanic in 1912. We were introduced to the captain of the ship, author Samit Basu. Instead of the usual reading of the passages, Mr.Basu showed us a movie based on his book. The visuals were fabulous. The aliens were fighting to acquire the jewel, the Eye of the Empire. It was as if the book had come alive before our eyes. It was anew turn from the usual reading of the book. We were transported to another realm witnessing the fight between Parloks and Golems.

The students were then asked to write a story with a real life setting. It can be in the past or even the present day scenario. Some children took historical settings like wars, some took 9/11 episode, some wrote with Tsunami as setting. All these writing activities make the children exercise their brain cells and lets their imagination soar. Children look forward to these activities as each time there is something new to write and something that makes one think really hard.

After everyone had finished writing, they were asked to read out their works. Samriddhi from class VIII wrote against the backdrop of Battle of Plassey, and was applauded by everyone. Soon we came to the end of our journey on the Titanic, with memories of the horrifying fight between Parloks and the Golems, and how the world was saved from these beasts thanks to Agents Brown and Genevieve Lupin.


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