Terror on the Titanic:August 28’2010

TERROR ON THE TITIANIC, AUGUST 28TH The Titanic started its journey towards New York on April 14, 1912. And onboard were Morningstar Agency’s star agents, Nathaniel Brown and Genevieve. They are sent on a mission to prevent a stolen jewel, a ruby known as the Eye of the Empire, from reaching America. The mission seemedContinue reading “Terror on the Titanic:August 28’2010”


Meet the author:JANE JOLLY(August 12’2010)

MEET THE AUTHOR, MEET JANE JOLLY! UNESCO and Times foundation launched the ‘Donate a Book’ initiative on April 24.Under the initiative on August 12, UNESCO organized a ‘Meet the Author’ session with Australian author, Jane Jolly. Six students of class VII accompanied me to the Australian High Commission for the meet. About Jane Jolly: JANEContinue reading “Meet the author:JANE JOLLY(August 12’2010)”