BOOK WEEK 2013-14

Another year has come to a closure and what better way than the annual Book Week. Well this Book Week was different from all the others held in the school. This book week was based on the theme of”LITERARY GENRES”. And in today’s time with information explosion it is essential to keep a tab on what one is reading. One can easily get confused as to what genre one is reading. Thus in the book week I tried to keep this mind and plan activities which would help students get a better understanding of the genres. There was Short story writing, Literary genres quiz, Poster making, Comic strip making, Book reports. Each activity was based on a format which was given to the students. Since the format was not given earlier the response from the students was surprising and entertaining.

The students themselves were taken aback when they saw their work. Kudos to all those participated and made my hardwork shine.

I also held an exhibition of all the art works done by the students during the various activities throughout the year. Have a look and enjoy.

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