The Notebook:Nicholas Sparks



A man with a faded, well-worn notebook open in his lap. A woman experiencing a morning ritual she doesn’t understand. Until he begins to read to her.  The Notebook is an achingly tender story about the enduring power of love, a story of miracles that will stay with you forever. Set amid the austere beauty of coastal North Carolina in 1946, The Notebook begins with the story of Noah Calhoun, a rural Southerner returned home from World War II. Noah, thirty-one, is restoring a plantation home to its former glory, and he is haunted by images of the beautiful girl he met fourteen years earlier, a girl he loved like no other.



I am left speechless. I finished re reading this book, and what do I say I am lost for words to describe the emotions each sentence evoked in me. Each and every line resonates with life, love and passion .  We all dream of soulmates, of finding that perfect partner who would give you wings to fly. But how many of us succeed in doing so? Well, this book is just the perfect story of two completely different people, poles apart from each other, who come together and fall in love despite their differences. It reiterates the fact that true love overcomes differences. Love isn’t about finding someone who is like you, rather accepting differences and making that difference work as magic. Differences should make us like the perfect halves of an orange.


Even after years of no communication between and Noah and Allie, their love survives. Its victory of love. Love does not need words to describe, like its said in the book: “…The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.”


Love does not need words. I have grown seeing my parents completing each other’s sentences, of understanding each other through just looks. That is love where the hearts are thus combined that they speak one language. Love transcends all human barriers. Another such example is the movie “BARFI” where a deaf and mute boy and an autistic girl fall in love. Their love is pure and based on acceptance for each other. They complete each other. Love is a strong feeling which differs from person to person. Each experiences it in a way quite unlike another, and that is what makes love so special.


Go read this notebook if you believe in soulmates and the power of love to perform miracles. A must read for all who have seen love perform miracles.




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