18 Ways To Live A Happy, Positive, More Fulfilling Life


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Hello from a small writing nook in Kalamazoo where all the walls are wood and there is a small beam of light shining through the windows. This is an introduction to the rest of your life. This is for you – the dreamer, artist, old soul, entrepreneur, creative who wants to do more with their life. And not because someone else is telling you to be better but because there is something inside of you keeping you up at night and resurfacing every single morning when you wake.

I have such a good feeling about your life. I completely believe that this year you will do something incredible. I believe in you. I believe that right now, in this moment, you have infinite amounts of potential. I think we are all so much more powerful than we realize. All change starts with an idea, a thought, and the determination…

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About avid reader

Words do not describe a person. I am many things and yet nothing. I am an avid reader, reading her way through the pages of life. Some stories warm the heart and yet others have let me dry. I am a result of my life, and yet my life is part a result of me. Don't try to figure me.

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