The Chronicles of Narnia: I am Lucy


I have both read the book and watched the movie “Chronicles of Narnia”, and it has set me thinking. This classic by C.S.Lewis has much more to it than just fantasy and magic. Anyone watching the movie would just take it as a part of the genre of children’s fiction or fantasy like the “Harry Potter series”. It has made me think that why is it that today there are few takers of fantasy and fairy tales. People find it rather silly and immature to see a grownup read or watch a fairy tale with child like delight. As an adult we are supposed to appreciate the work for its creativity,visualization and graphics,its storyline and well developed characters. Why is it that we fail to enjoy the work for what is really is-a fantasy? Why is it that we critically analyse the work rather than being excited or cheerful? How many of us have watched “Jungle Book” and then discussed its minute details, and not discuss the parts that excited or gave you the chills? When we grow up we forget what it meant to be captivated by the world of fantasy or to be in raptures. Adults discard fantasies as a thing of past time;to be seen, enjoyed and forgotten. We do not give a second thought to ponder over the story. We do not care to delve beneath the layers of fantasy to see if there is a more profound meaning hidden beneath the world of illusions. There is no time to indulge in reveries or day dreams and neither is there time to assess the work.

Hence the first time I saw the movie, I too was thinking its a children’s film with some striking graphics and technical work. Just like others, I too dismissed the movie as a one time watch, fit for children and fun for adults to pass time.

But when I happened to watch the movie second time, I found a new revelation. There were things which I had missed the first time. It proved right preconceptions and prejudgment are barriers to thinking and development of ideas. While watching the movie I was just flicking through it because I had already decided that it was meant for kids. Wrong, there are several thoughts which are presented in the movie. Those with keen eyes and an observant mind are sure to capture these flying pictures. And these pictures have really beautiful colours. The palette is full of vibrant colours that sparkle both the eyes and the mind. these pictures will actually force you to think further and open forth possibilities which would never have entered your mind, let alone even visited your mind. At first they seemed like they were knocking my brains out. Like how can a simple movie have so many underlying features or layers of thoughts? Did C.S. Lewis write the book with these thoughts in mind?

The movie is simple but when you give it a thought is does compel you to think over what you saw.

The youngest of the lot,Lucy,is the most adorable, friendly,warm and innocent child in the film and the book. She has a heart warming smile that makes you want o hug her and hold her close to yourself. She seems to have a magic in her which spills over the people she meets. She is brave though many would not admit that. She has the courage to speak what is in her heart and mind. She speaks directly from the heart and it makes her unique and quite unlike the other kids. Being grown up they have become what we say civilised and forgotten the value of innocence and its purity.

Lucy Pevensie has an ocean of love within her. Even when she is snubbed by her older siblings, she continues to be her sweet self. Like they say,‘ Write the hurts on sands and all grateful acts and joy on rock.’ She is the same, she forgets it all and loves them no matter what. Why is it that we adults carve every hurt and every wrong with permanent ink and just don’t know how to let it go? Why can’t we remember our childhood days when we forgot all pains soon and were smiling again?Lucy is the true epitome of innocence and childhood. She brings forth all the qualities that childhood contains-a loving heart, easy acceptance,vivid imagination,trust and the ability to laugh and not just laugh but to laugh whole heartedly.

As grown ups we feel we have all the intelligence and knowledge to understand life. We shrug or dismiss off the words of a child as silly or foolish. But sometimes it holds the profound truth of life which we miss to acknowledge in the humdrum of daily life.

The same is shown in the movie. When Lucy tells her older siblings that she visited a land inside a wardrobe, they scold her and mock her. They dismiss it a child’s foolish rantings, a day dream. Peter harshly remarks to stop playing games. They don’t trust her words just because it lacks logic and as grownups they find themselves to be knowledgeable and smart. They forget to trust their blood. And that is why they were ashamed when she brings them to the Land of the White Queen.

Lucy has fascinated my  mind, and made me introspect to see if I too have lost my innocence in the race to be mature and to fit in with others. Some find me odd and eccentric, while some comment that I have an innate charm. If this is so, then its because I try and see everything from two perspectives. One as a child and the other as an adult. As an adult I found that imagination was losing ground and creativity too was losing to logic, practicality and rational thinking. Since then when I don my thinking cap I don’t let logic overrule and kill the child inside me. What about you?


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Words do not describe a person. I am many things and yet nothing. I am an avid reader, reading her way through the pages of life. Some stories warm the heart and yet others have let me dry. I am a result of my life, and yet my life is part a result of me. Don't try to figure me.

One thought on “The Chronicles of Narnia: I am Lucy

  1. You’re right. Lucy was brave, and in more ways than one. The striking part was the earlyvinnocence of that bravery, and how she learned. Lewis’s Narnia series is one of the all-time greats in fantasy literature. I first read it as a kid, when the deeper layers were not evident to me. Later, on re-reading, they emerged. Lewis was an academic, philosopher, and devout: and all of that came through.

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