Spook Fest

Booooo ! Yikes ! Eeeeeeeyyaaahhhhh !

You must be thinking what are all these sounds. Well , there were so many ghosts and goblins that it was natural to be scared. Ghost? you ask. Yes, because we at the library celebrated  “Spook Fest” from 24th-27th October to celebrate Halloween. Invites were sent out the week before and personal invites were given to all the heads.

A host of activities were planned for all classes during library like mazes, word search and crosswords. Not to leave behind our national festival we decorated the library for Diwali as well, and had worksheets for both festivals. To ensure that no one is left behind special worksheets were designed and kept for SEN students. The whole library was engaged in creating an unforgettable experience. Bhuwan Sir and Banshi Sir along with the support staff helped adorn the LRC for both the festive looks.

There were two competitions: Cryptographs and Greeting cards (using pages from discarded books) organized for the students. For the teachers, there was Rephrase the sentences (Containing idioms and phrases). Posters were placed all over the school to inform the students about the same.

Since day one, there was lots of excitement around the event. Worksheets were distributed based on Diwali and Halloween during regular library classes. These were taken care of by Banshi Sir. Those interested in attempting the Cryptographs approached Bhuwan Sir as he was handling their queries, and collected the completed worksheets. Some fun masks were also placed for getting pictures clicked.

We saw a lot of teachers bringing their classes to be part of the fest. Brigitte Ma’am brought her class and there was fun in learning as she taught French words relating to Halloween. Following suite were Ms. Archana Verma, Ms. Akanksha Malik, Ms.Supriya Khanna, Ms.Vaishali Thapa, Ms. Vidhi , Ms. Rekha Singhal, Ms.Aarti  and Ms.Sudeshna . They all actively took part with their class in solving the worksheets and participated in Greeting card competition. We had Ms. Namita Shah, Ms. Pujya Ghosh and Ms. Shoma Lahiri try a hand at the competition for the teachers.

There were some treats also for students and teachers. The best part of the event was the visits by our heads, Manika Ma’am, Manisha Ma’am, Madhur Ma’am, Anjali Ma’am and Shoma Ma’am. Their presence and encouragement has left an impact to not only give our best but also the impetus to perform even better.

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