Christmas fest: Symphony

I know this is a tad too late a post for last year’s celebrations. Been engrossed in too many things and though wanted to write about the wonderful event I never managed to. Better late than never.

I celebrated Christmas fest ‘SYMPHONY’ from 19th to 23rd December’2017, along with my teammates.Several activities were planned for all the classes, SEN children and NIOS students. Separate worksheets were arranged catering to individual needs. Special worksheets were arranged for French and Spanish students as well. Students enjoyed their library classes with mazes, word searches, crosswords based on Christmas. Library was decorated with Christmas and winter symbols to ensure this festive feeling. But the showstopper happened to be the cute snowman which was made with plastic glasses( by me). The whole Library was actively engaged to make the library look more colourful and vibrant. All the decorations were made or drawn by us.

Invites were sent out one week before. Personal invites were given to all the heads. Posters were displayed inside and outside the LRC, in front of the lunch hall, MBR to make children aware about the fest.Competitions were organised for each form. Form VI took part in the Christmas card making competition (they used two colours: red & green). Form VII took part in the Christmas story writing and Form VIII enjoyed Christmas cross words. To make this even more memorable we asked everyone to ‘WISH A BOOK’ in which the users can wish a book and they will get the opportunity to be the first borrower of the same book.

Since day one there was lot of excitement around the event. Library decorations were praised by everyone. Children enjoyed several activities. Apart from regular library classes they came to solve puzzles, fun worksheets. Special thanks to Arti Vig ma’am, in collaboration with her we received wonderful Christmas cards made by our children. SEN chidren also came with Rekha Singhal ma’am and enjoyed special surprises planned only for them. Other teachers also visited LRC during the celebration. Our heartiest thanks to Archana Mishra ma’am, Bhulakshmi Malik ma’am, Komal Dhawan ma’am, Brigitte ma’am, Bhawna Ghosh ma’am, Akansha Malik ma’am for bringing their classes for the celebration and support us. Several teachers, administrative staffs, central office staffs also came to be part of the celebration. Visits by our respected heads boosted us to perform even better. We were delighted with the presence of Manika ma’am, Manisha ma’am, Madhur ma’am, Girija B. ma’am, Anjali ma’am, Shoma ma’am, Aashima ma’am, Ravinder Julka Sir, Yamini ma’am and Pooja Thakur ma’am.


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