Maidless in Mumbai: Payal Kapadia


GENRE:Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit
Rating :4/5

So this is the first book I read this year. I was intrigued by the title and the illustrations. Any new mother would relate well with the book as well those who have toddlers or school goers. The memories this book brought upon made it all the more relatable. The book speaks of the frustration, hair splitting and nerve wracking problems mothers face when the combined forces of MIL and mother join the bandwagon to teach you to be a perfect mother. And the father of the child simply becomes ‘the man’.

Anu,the new mother becomes obsessed in getting a maid(Maidomania) to help her settle down with her schedules and to do lists that she keeps on writing. This paranoia results in missing the little joys of her child growing up. You can easily relate to her side of story where you see the new mother struggle with advices from her mother and MIL, along with her group of friends. Whom does she turn to? Who can assist her when she is sleep deprived and lacks energy to even lift a limb? In the end though the father comes to support her and understands the fact that Parenting is all about learning and being together to take responsibilities. A must read for all those who are about to wear parenting shoes. It will help understand that parenting world is about managing emotions of parenting and enjoying the responsibilities as partners.
Read if you too want to tickle yourself silly and yet have thoughts to ponder.

Glimpse of whats inside:

“During visiting hours, Sameer brings flowers that the night nurse (why is she still awake?) dispatches to the bin. ‘Hospital policy,’ she says. Mom brings home-made sweets. The nurse sends the sweets off to keep the flowers company. Hospital policy again. Sameer’s mom, who has flown in from Igatpuri to spend the week with us, brings ghastly advice. ‘Yesterday, you were living for yourself,’ she says, making it sound like I was dancing for money on the tops of bar tables. ‘Now you must live for your daughter.’ There’s no hospital policy about advice. (I checked.)”


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