Be Your Own Pilot: Sqn Ldr.Manish Kumar


GENRE: Self help,Motivational



I am not a big fan of self-help or motivational books. Since rarely has any book in the genre affected me enough to bring about change. Yes people have been inspired by the likes of Robin Sharma and Rhonda Byrne. I too have devoured their books in the hope that I would get some succour in pacing my life the way I want it to be. The initial days after reading were good but I could not apply them fully to me life and they remain somewhere in the background of my memory. I do brush them up time to time but they are not constant.
So I was apprehensive when I first started ” Be Your Own Pilot”. I was curious to know how a combat plane pilot could offer success mantra or a guide to pilot our own lives. And I was not disappointed. The blurb behind the book rightfully expresses the book in a nutshell:
“In this inspirational fiction, Manish Kumar talks about the unlimited power and potential lying dormant in every soul, waiting to be awakened. The moment we become aware of the power within, we stop being a victim of circumstances, get off the autopilot called fate and take control of our life.”

‘Be your own Pilot’ is about the journey of a Sqn. Ldr. Manish Kumar who hails from a small town and had dreams of becoming a pilot. In the Flying School, his Flying Instructor instills wisdom and acumen into his flying lessons and teaches him to take the flight of faith. Using flying as a metaphor, Manish Kumar has penned his journey from a learner to a leader. The simplicity and sincerity with which the book has been written will surely touch your heart and mind, and inspire you to break the restraints of self-limiting beliefs and to take off in life. There are similarities with Rhonda Byrne’s ” Secret”, but the way the idea of visualisation is articulated it’s easier to understand and apply in life.

Some passages which I felt had an impact on me are:
“I have the controls.”

“You are not given a dream without the power to achieve it”.

The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night”.-H W Longfellow

“It’s all a matter of attitude…it’s so easy to do and think as others, but it requires guts to do the contrary, to walk your own path and to think your own thoughts and this courage comes from having the right attitude. More often than not our attitude is set by others; it should instead be set by our own values and our core beliefs…Our success in life also depends on our attitude. We often try and take off in life at full throttle after setting our goals and making all preparations, but if our attitude is not correct , we” barely be able to leave the ground, or worse, we might even crash into oblivion.”

“Look at your life. Is it in balance?…. A few of us give our best time and energy to our jobs and businesses and one day come back to an empty house.”
” The most important thing is to do the process of IVR(idealise, visualise, realize) without an iota of doubt in your mind. If you believe it will happen, it is sure to happen. If you say it several times but have doubts whether your dreams will come true, you can be sure they won’t.”

” Think about it, whenever you have to provide an excuse for something, it is only for failure. No one makes excuses for success.”

“…Are you going to give up just because somebody else does not have faith in your abilities, because somebody else does not want you to succeed?…”

“You cannot be worthy Leader, if you are not a good follower”.

“The leader leads by example , he teaches ‘what to’ but a guru teaches ‘how to’.”

This book is also filled with motivational poems and short stories.

Enjoy Reading .


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