The Preacher’s Bride: Theresa Oliver



GENRE: Western Romance, Fiction

My Rating: 5/5

I received the ARC as a Member Giveaway from LibraryThing. And I am grateful to the publisher for sending the copy. I have read romances before but this is a story quite unlike any other. The pages are filled with emotions that tie a noose around you heart and then lug them hard that it leaves you breathless. The female protagonist Mia, lives in New York and works as a dancehall girl. She barely manages enough to get through. She sews clothes as additional income but even that is not enough. In the midst of her financial struggle she agrees to be a mail order bride for Caleb Henley, the preacher at Whiskey Rivers. She hopes for a better life in the same town as her friend Ella who lives in with her husband, Colton. Mia knows how happy Ella is and wants the same thing for herself. But Caleb has set the rules for the relationship. He expects her to keep the house and look after his children, a platonic relationship. On the other hand, having lost his  wife, Caleb is troubled by his past. He agrees to marry again since he finds it difficult to strike a balance between his job as the preacher of the congregation of Whiskey River, looking after his two small children alone, caring for his farm, and attending to the needs of his congregation.

Mia really wants a husband who loves her and is devoted to her. She does her best to fight against her feelings for Caleb . She knows well that he still loves his first wife. Caleb has not overcome over the loss of his first wife and in unable to accept  Mia. But Mia loves Caleb’s children as her own and never wants to leave them. He needs to decide what he really wants with their marriage before Mia decides for them

Mia is hurting inside as she hopelessly falls in love with Caleb despite her efforts. She fears he will break her heart. Caleb having loved and lost isn’t looking for a replacement to fill his heart, but finds himself drawing towards Mia. Do they find love in each other? Will Caleb give his heart to Mia?

This is an emotional and touching love story about a woman in  love, marriage and children and a man who is hurting from losing a loved one. Readers will find themselves dabbing away tears at the tender emotions at play here. At times your anger may flare at Caleb’s callousness. But then in the same breath forgive him when he opens his grieving heart to readers.

This book has some surprises concealed for the reader, which make the reading enticing. I’m looking forward for the next book in the series and read more from the author.



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