A Hero’s Cape by Cory Q. Tan


GENRE: Short story, Fiction

My Rating: 5/5

Another fabulous read from the author. Having read A Dream, I was keenly waiting for another book by the author. The illustrations are lifelike and draw your immediate attention. Thus when I received a copy of A Hero’s Cape, my excitement knew no bounds. My expectations were high when reading the book and the book didn’t disappoint me. I was rather feeling lost when the book finished, since I felt it finished too soon. This is the magic of Cory’s books. The illustrations add a charm to the book that keeps you captivated. I read the two books with my daughter and she kept requesting to reread the books since they are simple to understand and have the gift of holding on to reader’s attention.

Like A Dream, this book too is a first person narrative which makes reading endearing. The elder brother of the narrator finds a cape while reading his favourite book on a bench in a park. Just when he realises that it’s a flying cape, a gust of wind sweeps the cape away. What follows is a sequence of side-splitting ( cape used as spare diaper for a baby!!) and unforeseen events involving various characters in the neighbourhood. This includes a Father and a Baby, a Girl walking her Dog in the park, a Cat eager to protect her Kittens, a lost Bunny, and many others.

Just like in his previous book, this book too has a lesson for kids. It makes one realise that you don’t need a hero’s cape to become a Real Hero. It’s the small random acts of kindness, courage, sacrifice and selflessness that you perform in your daily grind of life, without noticing. It teaches a valuable and priceless lesson to do good without thinking of reward or name. One becomes a Hero in its true sense, when helping out and reaching out to people in need without thinking of the outcome.

Recommended for all parents and readers who love illustrations and can appreciate the joy of reading a simple straightforward book. I added to my bedtime story list for my daughter next to A Dream.



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