A Very Special Cat: Cory Q Tan


GENRE: Fiction, Children’s Book, Picture book

My Rating: 4.5/5

I added another book to my daughter’s bedtime stories. This time I am glad that the list has plenty to think about and not just give a joy ride to the land of fantasy. Cory Q Tan, is one of my favorite children’s author since his books always manage to get my little one hooked.

So when I received a free digital copy of this book from the author as part of LibraryThing Member Giveaway, I was elated. This review of the book is my personal view and does not have any bias towards the author or his work.

Plot: A small boy goes in search of the fabled Luminous Cat, despite dissuasion from his family. But do Luminous Cats exist? It is said that only very special children are able to find them. Will the little boy be successful? Or will he be able to find something even more precious than the mythical creature?

Just like his previous books here too I found a very important lesson for my child. It is what’s inside all of us that makes us special. The little boy went in search of the luminous cat, to be able to see the bio-luminous cat. But what he found was even better, he found that he was special for his family irrespective of his talents or abilities. The little boy is loved and cared for by his family, and that’s what is more important. To be accepted as you are is the biggest gift one can receive from his/her family. The boy’s quest is not belittled by the family member, rather the mother watches out for him. So, for me it meant that there is a luminous cat in all of us, you just need the eyes(wisdom) to see it.

The book makes for a superb bedtime story for kids that will fascinate them and also question about the existence of the fabled cat. So be ready for some rapid-fire questions from your tiny tots. The illustrations are simply stupefying and one finds that they add charisma to the book and seem to come to life. I would recommend this book for those who like quality illustrations and to parents with small kids. It’s a good reminder to learn to accept ourselves and see the uniqueness within each one of us.


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