The Broken Vows:Jane Kiarie

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I have been searching for some quick reads online and came across this book on one such search. The title and the blurb caught my immediate attention. A short read of 51 pages, this book can turn into a much bigger novella. The book touches upon raw human emotions without any cover-up. The emotions are real and one easily relate to them. An excellent debut novel covering sentiments of betrayal, shame, regret, heartbreak and pain in its truest form.

Plot: The story begins with Mason Jones having a one night stand with a lady named Olivia, he met at a bar while spending time with his friend, James. Mason’s marriage to Abby, his wife is on the rocks is doing. Both of them are drifting apart after heated arguments and isolation. Mason lands into the arms of another woman, while Abby tries to revive their marriage. Her efforts start to pay off and they come to a common ground, reviving the once dead romance. But the rosy-colored glasses come off when his one-night-stand starts working in the same company. Even though Mason tries to be unaffected by her presence, he eventually ends up having an affair with Olivia in the office. Does Abby get to know the truth? and if she does, will Abby forgive him?

The ending of the book was completely unexpected and will leave you wanting to know more. The characters are real and relatable. The emotions of each will touch a chord with readers since we each have experienced them in some way or the other. I just wanted to read and was sad that the story ended leaving so much to the imagination. I am not very eager with open-ended books, thus this one just missed one star for the ending. I like stories to have closure.


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