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I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. My views are not influenced or have any bias for the writer or publisher.

The title alluded to me as it sounded fascinating and inviting. This is the first time I read a book in the paranormal genre. I was disappointed would be polite to say. The author’s Prologue seemed like moral instruction rather than a sneak peek into a genre that promises fantasy and a world beyond one’s imagination. Many times I thought of dropping the read since it seemed out of place in this genre. I was skeptical of reading further but still persisted on. There is too much of the author’s voice as the narrator which caused a jarring effect that destroyed the flavor of reading.

Two paranormal children (gifted/special powers) Marie and Jerry have been together as neighbors and soon the friendship blossoms into love. Things become difficult for the two when Jerry’s parents send him off to Beaumont Memorial Boarding School meant for special children. The two are separated, but as distance makes hearts fonder, their love too grows. Marie arrives at the school and breaks in to meet Jerry. The two meet in an open field near the school. The ensuing scenes between the two felt like watching a scene from X-Men movie mixed with Frozen and some ideas from Twilight. But their soiree is discovered and Jerry faces a tough situation ahead due to it. He is caught by Mr. Henry and on being questioned about having an accomplice, Jerry names his close friend Sam, who had no knowledge about it. This leads to friction and rage between the two, especially Sam.

The boarding school is headed by the tyrant principal Mrs. Ping-Pong (is it even a name!? The author could have done better.), and her husband, Mr. Henry. Mrs. Ping- Pong wants Jerry to coax Marie into getting admission into the school. Her family is not keen on it. In the meanwhile, a lot is happening in the school which is reminiscent of the X Men in every way.

The rest of the plot sees Marie becoming an orphan and landing at Beaumont. She happens to discover that the principal harbors ulterior motives in running the school. Together, Jerry and Marie decide to take on the principal and uncover her plans. This is where the author has original ideas and I was keen to know more. But the plot moves too fast and the ending is hurried as though the author was running out of time.

There are editing errors that cause breaks in reading. An excellent plot but rendered poorly by the author. A one time read-only.

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