April: Poetry Month 2019

April is celebrated as the National Poetry Month in all schools worldwide. So I thought what a better way to bring children closer to books than Poetry Month.  I organized the ‘Book Spine Poetry Contest’ for students of grade X. It was celebrated with a bang. The students had a fun time writing poems based on the guidelines given to them. During the library period, each class was divided into a team of 4-5 students. They were then asked to write down a poem of not less than 4 lines using only book titles. The activity sheet with instructions for the same was handed to each team. The rules were relaxed for some who found it a bit difficult to construct a poem on titles only. They were given the liberty to add a few words to make a comprehensive and meaningful poem. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and the enthusiasm was palpable that students were already looking forward to another week, another activity.

The poems that were written were not only intriguing but yet times were very reflective and introspective.

P.S. You can read the newsletter here Newsletter I


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