Coffee Shop Girl: Chris Waddington



Genre: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary Romance(Explicit)

Rating: 4/5

To be honest, I was very skeptical about going forward with my reading. What drew me towards the book was the title and the cover. One word is apt for both: alluring. This book is not your run of the mill love story, where two people meet, fall in love and, despite circumstances, unite. No, a warning for the mushy romance readers, this book is not meant for you. It takes grit to read, to be able to envisage the happenings since they feel so real.

The novel delves deep into the lives of three people: Ben, Farah and Alessia. Although we only get to meet Ben and Alessia. Farah is introduced to the readers through means of recapitulation from Ben about his love life. He recaps his life with her, the love, the attraction, and the hopeless circumstances. Ben works at the post office at the stamps section and is a writer in his free time. He writes books for children and has a few self-published. He writes on his laptop in his spare time in a coffee shop, Costa. On his way to fame, he is penning a love story between a sprout and a carrot named Henry and Olivia respectively. We catch glimpses of the story which the author shares through Ben (some novel way, I loved it!).

The twist is just around the corner when Alessia enters the coffee shop, clinking on her stilettos. Time stands still for Ben. She’s the stranger next to him. Both engage in casual talk which draws them together via an unseen bond. They both experience a pull which neither can deny. Though a pro at relationships, having had his fair share of failures, Ben is scared of approaching Alessia as he feels she is out of his league. Alessia is a diva who makes heads turn with her mere presence. Her outer facade belies the vulnerable interior and the turmoil which she guards behind her eyes. Several meetings later, they forge a friendship on the tenterhooks of crossing the border of love. Without realising it, both fall in love and admit the same. But all is not hunky-dory and the author doesn’t give you an all-is-well ending. That needs to be read.

The book is an excellent read from the POV of a male, which is a rarity when it comes to romance. Hence it was fresh breath as well as a revelation. The author does not curtain emotions and shows how men are perceived to be strong and heartless, whereas they battle their own demons when in a relationship. Lets cut them some slack. The novel is a beautiful telling of the human emotions of love, search for identity, the falsehood of duty and how at times it can destroy a person. It will provide you with valid lessons on life, and words that will stay long after you’ve finished the book. Beautiful quotes, a crisp yet smooth writing style, humor, romance and perfect editing make this book a pleasure read.

I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. My views are not influenced or have any bias for the writer or publisher.


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