Sydney and Emma and the Untold Tales of Snailsville by Nikki Jordan

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Rating: 2.5/5

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Animal Fiction, Fantasy

There was a lot of expectation from the book given the lovely illustrations which immediately catch the eye. But I was disappointed in the execution of the story which otherwise could have been a delightful read.

The book starts with an introduction to Snailsville, an imaginary land inhabited by snails and other animals like ants, cockroaches, spiders, birds, etc. The land is interspersed with crystals, each with unique power of its own. These crystals help the inhabitants in times of distress, yet another provides healing power. If not for the cute illustrations that are simply adorable, I would not have kept reading. There are too many descriptions about the land and the characters which inhabit it. The descriptions could have been avoided and instead merged with the main story. It would have read better and not disrupt an otherwise nice story. The descriptions about the various crystals, their power and the various character descriptions at the start make reading tedious.

Had the author begun with story and then added details in between, I guess it would have read better. Being a book meant for children it lacks the quality to hold on to their attention which gets diverted easily. The story is well defined and the characters too are lively and captivating. The rendition of the whole story fails to attract as a complete package.

Plot: Snailsville is a fictional land, inhabited by all types of birds, animals and insects. They live together in perfect harmony and are synchronized with their inner self. They work together in perfect symmetry with nature, without disturbing its balance. Each creature has a role assigned and he/she executes the same with perfection. The main plot revolves around Sydney and Emma, two snails who have acquired the age to meet their soulmates. Both fall in love with each other and their union is celebrated by one and all. Things get disrupted when the tides change and the land gets flooded. All the animals join hands to help each other, big or small, irrespective of size. Together they brace against the tides and come together hand in glove to rebuild their community.

The story beautifully exhibits the values of kindness, compassion, courage, empathy, strength of character, willpower and the strength of being one as a community.

A good read for children if descriptions can be skipped.

I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. My views are not influenced or have any bias for the writer or publisher.


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