Theodore and the bear from London by Cory Q Tan

Another masterpiece from the fabulous storyteller. This review was long overdue and due to several hurdles I was unable to add this.

Having read other books Cory, I was exhilarated to receive another book for review. He didn’t disappoint me in the least. The moment I opened the book to read with my daughter, she was completely blown away by the illustrations that accompanied the story. Cory manages to capture the innocence of childhood and shares the very essence that makes childhood beautiful.

In this story, we are led by Annabelle through a journey of adventure, thrills, dangers and mystery. Her grandmother has brought her a new teddy bear which she says is the “Best Teddy Bear in the World”. Having forgotten Theodore in her excitement, Annabelle decides to meet her grandmother and see the Teddy bear. The journey she takes comes with full of surprises and danger.

Besides a pleasant read, Cory also imparts valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, courage and parental advice. Annabelle lands into trouble due to her eagerness to see the new teddy bear despite her mother asking her not to. Just like any other child she throws caution to the wind and follows her desire. Theodore displays courage and loyalty to Annabelle despite feeling disregarded for a while.

There is also an important lesson of valuing what we have at hands rather than running after newer things. It’s a lesson on contentment and gratification.

The illustrations in the book by Cory himself are a masterstroke in art. The vibrant colors and the intricate patterns add joy to the reading. Each page is a separate artwork that pleases the eyes, the heart and the mind. The bus terminal, the town Annabelle ends up in, the labyrinth of stairs, the town square dead end, are a few of my most favorite illustrations from this book.

Even though a children’s book I highly recommend this book to everyone. Since I enjoyed reading this. It led me down the memory lane where childhood had innocence, beauty and the joy of friendship.

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