Dante’s Cool Wheels by Marlyn Bondiero

It was just my luck that I chanced to grab this lovely book. Wanting to read something short I was searching for a short story or even a children’s book. Dante’s cute illustration caught my eye and reminded me of my own childhood pet. I am happy that I chose to review the book.

I am a dog lover and having reviewed another children’s book involving a dog I was looking forward to another adventure. Don’t be misled by the cover though. Dante, the German Shepherd will definitely carve a special corner in your heart. He will gently pull the strings of your heart with his cute face and his fun-filled antics. Just as suddenly you will find yourself wiping away the tears.

Just like any other dog, Dante is energetic, naughty, and full of life. Things take an ugly turn when he gets paralyzed in his hind legs. His parents do not give up on him. They get him treated and get him a wheelchair to help him get around. Being a dog full of life, Dante is not disheartened nor is he dulled by the change of events. He thinks his wheels are cool since they help him move around. He feels low and dispirited only when his friends stay away from him and don’t want to play with him. Nothing has changed in him but people and friends around him have. their attitude towards him changes seeing him in a wheelchair. So, his parents shift to another neighborhood to start a new life with him. Dies he find new friends there? Is he accepted as he is or is he ridiculed?? Must read for all, irrespective of child or adult.

A highly motivating story about a remarkable dog. This story will definitely uplift both children and adults. A must-read for anyone who has lost hope or is feeling discouraged. Dante teaches us to keep our hopes and spirits high always despite adverse conditions. He teaches us to seek joy within and to remain happy in all situations.

The simple fluid writing by Marlyn FB accompanied by the lovely illustrations is sure to reserve a special place in your heart. Go for it.

I would like to thank Reedsy and the publisher for giving me an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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