Life in the Chastity Zone By Holly Brandon

Some may want to dismiss this book as chick lit and romance genre. But this book is much more than romance. It is a deep dive into relationships from two POV’s. The protagonist Chastity “Chase” Morgan is a smart, funny, tightly-wound, 30-year-old modern woman who is like your own girlfriend, one you like to spend time with. She has only dreamed of three things in her life : being a top engineer, falling in love with the man perfectly meant for her, and having a fairy tale wedding followed by marriage. She even saves her virginity for the one. She already is a top engineer and was meant to fulfill her last two dreams, having found her fiance Grant. But not all is as rosy as it looks. Grant announces breakup and later marries someone else though he still wants to be ‘Best friends” with her. Here enters Roxie, Chase’s cousin and closest friend. Unlike Chase, Roxie does not share any romantic illusions about life. She is rather practical and is the one who gives Chase the needed push to come back to track. . She challenges Chase with a set of resolutions, including: “Travel the world…; Meet a bunch of hot guys; Have a lot of sex; If you’re fortunate enough, fall in love.”

This marks the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and self validation with its emotional highs and lows . The pace at which the author has set the story never lets your interest drop. The conversations Chase has in her mind, her inner monologue are at best quirky and at times leaves reader thinking, didn’t I also think the same. Further reading gets us to meet Chase’s aberrant and loving parents; her martini-toddling grandmother; the psychic ten-year old next door; the mean girls from high school who still hound her—and other eccentric characters. The narrative style is witty, smart, and often the humorous dialogue and dynamic action will keep the readers always on edge. You never know what to expect and can’y see any of it coming your way.

Though Chase does not make wise decisions, as readers you will cheer for her due to her conviction and belief. Many a times reader would find themselves identifying with her and her inner turmoil. Except for the first four chapters which seem hurried and incomplete at times, as too much happens in them. It becomes difficult to comprehend all the events and character together. The rest of the book spans our well.

I received an ARC of the book in exchange of honest review of the book. My views are not influenced by author, and are unbiased.


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