So How Will You Sleep by Annabel Gardiner

So How Will You Sleep by Annabel Gardiner is an adorable read for the tiny tots. Written in perfect rhyme it seems as if one is singing and not reading the text. The author has written the book in a conversation style between a mother and her child before bedtime. The mother asks the child how he/she would like to sleep since the sun is gone and its dark. She asks if the child would like to sleep like a bat hanging upside down. To which the child replies that hanging upside down to sleep in the dark doesn’t seem like an ideal place. The mother then goes on to share several ideas as to how the child can sleep like one of the animals. The ideas do not appeal to the child and is thrown aside. So what does the child finally decide? Where does he/she sleep? Read to find out.

The illustrations by Samantha Thorley add a different flair to the text and make it a cozy nighttime read. The texts are simple and font size are just flawless making it a endearing read for the younger audience. The illustrations that accompany them on each page create magic and seems to take you on a safari. I highly recommend this book for parents looking a perfect book to snuggle next to their children in bed. An exquisite bed time read that can soon turn into a routine.

On a last note, do not dismiss the book as a light read for the tiny tots. A s the author takes us through the sleep routine of each animal the children are also introduced to their habitat through the illustrations. For the older children its a perfect book to learn to read using the rhyming words. A book that could be landing point of discussions and a suitable company for children learning to read. The added bonus of looking for the caterpillar added to the fun and thrill of reading. As an adult even I kept a watch hunting for him.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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