The pandemic struck the world catching us all unaware and unprepared. Not even in the wildest of our dreams did we imagine a scenario where a disease has the whole world in its grip. This left the world in a depressing state leaving us to fend for ourselves alone. Each individual is battling a battle which no one knows and this pandemic created an abyss so deep that its difficult to cross.

Michael Albanese’s book, The Boy Who Loved Boxes , is aptly titled since we all are currently living in glass boxes completely containing ourselves in it. Even though a picture book it is suitable for adults too hence, the sub-title, A children’s book for adult. Many times we dismiss picture books to be meant solely for kids. Doing this we often miss out on the underlying themes and messages that are hidden in them. This book can also be dismissed by adults since its a picture book. A second look and one would find a deep allegory in this. Through the allegory the author is not moralizing or sharing a political thought. Rather in a very subtle way Michael shares how we as individuals happen to box or bundle things away in our desire to control life. We forget to live in the moment and enjoy the present. The pandemic showed that we do not control everything and its a false illusion after which we run. An illusion which fades away like a mirage the more we seek control. The solution to this is to seek peace within and accept life with its ups and downs. Life is not a competition or race rather a journey and we should enjoy it while we are on the way.

Through simple illustrations by Todd Wilkerson, its shown that we tend to develop the habit of boxing things and emotions during our childhood in seeking control. Hence it is imperative that we let our kids enjoy their childhood free of boxes and find love and peace.

A simple read with a deep profound meaning, definitely not restricted to kids but meant for everyone. Author Michael has created a beautiful book that showcases the ills of modern society and how its impact can affect us all.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. 


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