Gingersnap Snatcher by Vicky Weber

A simply adorable book for children with charming illustrations that will have children asking for more. Gingersnap Snatcher by Vicky Weber is a magnetic yet humorous tale of three children who love to eat their Grandma’s Gingersnap cookies. So when the kids learn that Grandma has made cookies to eat after they daydream about it. Their dreams are filled with its flavor so much that they start to drool. They rush back home after school only to find the cookies missing. Left behind were only cookie crumbs. The three kids decide to follow the trail and catch the Gingersnap Snatcher. Their doubt rest upon their pets but it was not so. Who then is the thief? Read this engaging picture to find out.

The book is beautifully written in rhyme and it seems that one is singing and not reading. The illustrations along with the text add more to the charm making it a perfect read for the kids. It is a perfect companion to snuggle with children along with some hot chocolate and cookies. Highly recommended to parents and librarians to add to their collection.

The author has also added musical notes of the text for those musically inclined.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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