Monster Problem by Jason Lady

Monster Problems (A Magic Pen Adventure Book 1) eBook : Lady, Jason R.: Kindle Store

It feels good when an author approaches you to review their book. When Jason Lady shared his book for review I was not prepared to be clean bowled. This book had me hooked on from the first chapter. The book begins to draw on you since the characters are relatable and the incidents in the book are something that happen in daily lives.

Monster Problem is a cleverly written book which delivers some very important life lessons without sounding preachy. The story begins with sixth grader, Brad telling us his story or rather his tragic story. But his story is far from tragic. Jason has weaved a humorous story with life like characters.  

Brad loves to draw but he lacks focus in his studies. This causes his parents to admonish him and ask him to stop drawing. making matters worse is his little brother, Daley.  Things take an unexpected turn when one day Brad is grounded for drawing in class when he should have been studying. Daley, his younger brother makes matters worse by rubbing it in and blackmailing when the opportunity strikes. The description Jason gives for Daley through Brad is really amusing yet true to the hilt. Brad expresses in these words, “Daley could appear totally calm and innocent and really be cooking up an evil plan inside that giant brain of his.” Musing over his bad luck and Daley’s blackmail, Brad does not notice a crow come to his window. He is taken by surprise when the crow drops a magical pen before him and flies off. Since his drawing equipments were taken away by his parents Brad makes use of the pen to draw. Little did he know that his drawing would come to life. Brad draws a slimy green monster specially designed to assault his trouble making brother, Daley. The following pages covers the various hilarious incidents involving the monster, Daley, and Brad and his friends trying to stop the monster. Can you imagine the scene?? A monster on the loose to attack Daley for his evil plans. Brad trying to protect him with his friends.

Besides the main characters there are some other characters that really catch your eye, like Mr. Octagon the art teacher. Even though his name is mathematical he has some great art ideas. Then there is Principal Jones, and the most fascinating Quentin, Brad’s friend. Each character is different with a set of traits that makes them unique.  

While this book is amusing and has the punches to excite and keep you glued. It also delivers some very significant life lessons. Through the sibling rivalry and the later change of heart in Brad, author Jason Lady teaches readers to rise above petty issues in relationships and value each person for their quirks as that is what makes them special. We may not appreciate them at that moment but it is these qualities that make each relationship inimitable. The lesson though are not just about relationships. It also reflects the undue pressure children face to excel academically when they are clearly artistically inclined. Parents need to accept and appreciate the talents their children possess rather than kill their passion. The author hits home with his ideas but is never condescending. This makes the book a fantastic read for all. I recommend it to everyone irrespective of age. Adults will reminiscence their childhood and children would revel in the reflection their lives.

I would like to thank Jason Lady for sharing his book for review. the views on the book are personal and not influenced by the author.


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