Thought is not the boss of me! by Sarah Lamb & Sheila Booth

As an educator and a librarian I found this book to be an extremely potent and indomitable tool for children. We live in times where the world is increasingly shrinking to self. Children and adult alike are growing up in a world of instant gratification and self centeredness. Where everything from food to clothes to living is available at the flick of one’s fingers it is not strange that self control is a lesson which is not only hard to understand but also follow.

This book imparts a valuable lesson of self control in a manner that is easy to comprehend and follow. Lincoln is a young boy who falls victim to his thoughts. His thoughts get the better of him each him and boss him around all day. Lincoln does things which makes him feel uncomfortable and also lands him in trouble at school. As a young child he is unaware that he has the power to control his thoughts. The book shows how thoughts affect us in both positive and negative manner. Lincoln battles the small voice in his head that keeps getting him into trouble. Similarly, adults too have voices in the head that can have rippling positive and negative effects. It teaches that one does not need to act on every thought that comes to the mind or listen to everything that the little voice says. This book empowers and helps to understand that we need only to pause and reflect on our thoughts to understand the voice and make judicious decisions. The book teaches how to exercise self control in and give turn a deaf ear to the voice when it makes wrong choice. Post pandemic when children are struggling with self control and self expression, this book is the perfect companion to help them silence the voice and make wise decisions.

A delightful book with captivating illustrations and simple text. This book is ideal for not just children but adults as well. Sometimes certain lessons are best delivered in the simplest manner. Must recommend for parents, librarians, counselors and teachers.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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