Witch’s Trouble by Apple Sophia Lim

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I was compelled to read this book since it seemed so charming and inviting. One look at the cover and I was drawn to it. In addition to the really cute cover, the blurb sounded incredibly entertaining, engaging, and puzzle-filled. The only thing that disappointed me was that for the majority, there were just matching this with that or finding x and y that are the same. In the beginning I found it enjoyable but soon it became so monotonous that I started to lose interest or zone. Next to the match this with this and that problems, I would have liked to see some more unique puzzles. Like giving us a maze at the conclusion or asking us to perform a word search. Maybe some speak aloud to break the monotony. Or, instead of matching, perform a locate the differences.

Alongwith the activities there could have been some interconnected narrative—say, let’s about her travelling on a trip or having a good day outside. This would have made the book and content cohesive. Now it was just a few quick items here and there, but it seemed so haphazard. Connect the dots and make it make sense . However, the artwork was wonderful, and I adore the design, the glitter, the use of colour, and the large eyes. The reason I continued despite boredom was because I genuinely liked those elements.

So while I’m glad I read it because of the cute illustrations and the enjoyable puzzles, I cannot rate it high because it felt repetitive. I would have enjoyed the book if there was some tale to the puzzles or a narrative that leads to the puzzles. A child’s book with puzzles is a great idea, and several of the riddles in this book were extremely enjoyable. I recommend it for primary kids and school.


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