The Artist’s Page by Debra Rufini

The Artist’s Page is one of the books which evokes deep emotions.

On first reading it seems like a simple book about an artist whose work is appreciated while the artist himself is ignored and pushed to the background. The pain he feels on being ignored as the creator while the creation is admired and praised.

A deeper look and one sees how Debra Rufini offers the reader a poetic, introspective experience that allows them to consider God’s salvation as a gift from the viewpoint of an unacknowledged Creator. The writing of Rufini provokes thought, causing the reader to consider their own path to understanding the gratuitous gift of God’s grace, mercy, and redemption through acknowledging Him. The world around us is full of his works which we admire and in the same breath we forget the Creator. His love for us has no bounds and hence we take things for granted. This book allows reader to pause and appreciate the gifts God has given us and be filled with gratitude.

Rufini’s poetry is supported nicely by Dina Kalo’s monochrome illustrations, which show both the depth and simplicity of the poem. The reader will examine artwork that conveys the emotions of the poetry, including joy, grief, and a wide range of other emotions. The artistic collaboration between Kalo and Rufini was masterfully conceived, and the two greatly complemented one another.

The Artist’s Page by Debra Rufini offers the reader a poetic, reflective journey to consider the gift of God’s salvation from the perspective of their own lives.

The Artist’s Page is the ideal book for everyone from young adults to adults. At times the reader might struggle with the words. But poetry has the power to touch the heart. As a result, The Artist’s Page is a worthwhile read for introspection or a beautiful tool that may be utilised to reach out to others who might not be aware of what God has done and made for them, starting a crucial conversation to introduce others to the Creator.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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