The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart by Julie Andrews and Emma Watson Hamilton

The names Julie Andrews and Emma Watson Hamilton are ought to bring a smile on everyone’s face. With Julie Andrews when thinks of Sound of Music or the very stern yet loving Queen grandmother, Clarisse Renaldi. Emma Watson and one thinks of the confident and opinionated Hermione Granger. Both these personalities have taught young girls and women to be opinionated and to have a voice of your own yet at the same time be gracious and deferential.

I was instantly attracted to this book seeing their names. The same goes for my daughter too. Although it’s common wisdom not to judge a book by its cover, I believe in this instance it is totally apt! My princess was delighted to plunge into this fantastic narrative after being completely mesmerized by the sparkly artwork on the cover of this lovely book.

The book is about a young girl named Gerry who believes that she is a fairy princess since she has a sparkle inside her. It is true and the readers will admit too when they read the book. In this book Gerry is getting ready for one of her favorite day- Valentine’s day. She is all geared up and sets herself the task to create fabulous cards for her family, classmates and teachers. True to herself, she even makes a card for Connor who troubles her. Her mother borrows a folder from her father after Gerry makes them so they won’t get damaged. She rushes to get dressed in all of her heart’s attire the following morning. She then dashes to school only to discover that she accidentally took her dad’s work folder rather than the one containing her Valentines. How do you think she reacts? In classic Gerry fashion, she solves the problem. Instead of handing the class a paper Valentine, she ends up “telling” them what makes them special. She creates a fairy princess in each child by highlighting what makes them Sparkle!!!. Then her father arrives to deliver the folders, adding to the sparkle.

I enjoyed how Gerry managed to convey her message to everyone through the valentines, despite the fact that something as disastrous as missing your Valentines for the class Valentine’s Day party occurred. I found it encouraging how the students handled a situation that may have angered and disturbed them. And I like how Gerry’s dress included a lot of hearts, glitter, wings, and pink. For a little fairy or princess reader who enjoys reading about, well, love and Valentine’s Day, this is the ideal book.

The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart is pleasant from beginning to end, with lovely illustrations and artwork to go along with its upbeat message about being a good friend and offering encouraging words (even to a boy in her class with whom she doesn’t get along!). I have no doubt that I’ll be reading this book with my princess a lot before next Valentine’s Day, even though it has a Valentine’s Day theme and is perfect for every day of the year.


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