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Hello and Welcome to my personal blog!  My name is Sigy George, Sr Librarian in Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj. I have been working as a school librarian for the past 12 years. But I like to call myself an Information Media Specialist since the term Librarian is very restricting with regards to the work I do. My work goes much beyond books and circulation. This blog is just basically where I share; my experiences as a librarian; the Book talks I attended with students and the insight I got from them; book reviews of books I’ve read and my thoughts about books, life, education, library, and reading. Through this blog, I aspire to share my ideas, my thoughts, and my learning with fellow librarians and in the process learn from them.

As a Library Media Specialist, I firmly believe in the Five Laws of Library Science as formulated bt Dr. S.R.Ranganathan, that the right book/resource, in the right hand, at the right time only can bring satisfaction and knowledge and develop a passion for books. The Librarian’s role is then to support the user with his/her research and resources which could be could be either print or digital. In this world of WWW and Google and metadata, it is imperative for us librarians to help students and staff traverse through the never ending maze of the internet and be able to select credible resources to support their learning and research.

Through this blog, I look forward to interacting with fellow librarians sharing their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. I wish this to be a place where librarians, students, and teachers can find things that interest them and help them to read more. A place where parents too find tools that help develop a love for reading in their children.

An avid reader myself I find there is still love for reading among children.It just needs to be encouraged and looked after like new saplings.

I have made a beginning and hope to be able to develop a reading culture among some children.

Books for me are friends and keeping them down after finishing them is like saying goodbye to one’s friend.


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