Remembering Eric Carle

Sunday came with another sad news amidst the grim and depressing situation of Covid. One of the most acclaimed and beloved children’s author, Eric Carle died in Northampton, Massachusetts. He was 91 years old. He was one of the authors who gave preschool kids colors and wings to imagination. Some of the earliest literary memoriesContinue reading “Remembering Eric Carle”

April: Poetry Month 2019

April is celebrated as the National Poetry Month in all schools worldwide. So I thought what a better way to bring children closer to books than Poetry Month.  I organized the ‘Book Spine Poetry Contest’ for students of grade X. It was celebrated with a bang. The students had a fun time writing poems basedContinue reading “April: Poetry Month 2019”

Melvil Dewey dropped: Shocking answers

In a shocking update, it has come to notice of librarians across the globe that in June, the American Library Association had decided to remove the name of Melvil Dewey from one of its top leadership honors: the Melvil Dewey Medal. Those in the field of Library and Information Science are familiar with the nameContinue reading “Melvil Dewey dropped: Shocking answers”


” POTTERMANIA” This post is late by a year since I have not been able to update the blog. I have been missing from the scene due to various reasons. But here’s what I was up to with my students in a new school. “The greatest thing Harry Potter has given the world is theContinue reading “Pottermania”

International School Library Month

  ” BATTLE OF THE BOOKS” ” There’s no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who are reading the wrong books.” ——James Patterson. This post comes a bit late because I had misplaced my file and was unable to locate it . Apologies for that. So now coming to point,Continue reading “International School Library Month”

Fairer Tales: Princesses Doing it for Themselves by Emma Dodd

Award-winning author Emma Dodd re imagines the tales of three beloved fairy tale heroines There isn’t a child who has not read or heard the popular fairy tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel… the list goes on. But what comes across surprising is that none of the girls are shown to have strong characters or aContinue reading “Fairer Tales: Princesses Doing it for Themselves by Emma Dodd”

Matilda Turns 30!!!!!

Photograph: Penguin Random House Roald Dahl was one of my favorite authors whenever I stepped into a library or bookshop as a child. And I still find myself swerve towards shelves that showcase his books. Thus, when I read that to mark the 30th anniversary of the first publication of the book Matilda, three sketchesContinue reading “Matilda Turns 30!!!!!”

International Dot Day: 15th September

As much as I had wanted to celebrate International Dot Day in my school I couldn’t since everyone is knees deep in studies. With exam just round the corner there was no way I could celebrate this fun day. But as a parent of a young child I feel that this day holds lot ofContinue reading “International Dot Day: 15th September”

International Literacy Day: 8th September

Communication skills are the most important skills for the development of a society. It is needed to converse and engage with a fellow human being and to facilitate understanding. Nearly every individual learns to communicate verbally by observing their family and surrounding. But it is rather unfortunate that  not many get a chance for formalContinue reading “International Literacy Day: 8th September”

Intellectual Freedom vs Censorship

As a librarian, the hardest part for me has been when I have asked an eager student not to pick a particular book just because the teachers felt it was inappropriate for the age. The long drawn face still lingers with me, years after the experience. The incident made me think that how can aContinue reading “Intellectual Freedom vs Censorship”