Ashoka:Subhadra Sen Gupta

JULY 10,2010 Walking through the tunnels and caves of history we reached India Habitat Centre on 10th July, Saturday. The occasion was the celebration of 70th birthday of Puffin Books Pvt Ltd. The event was marked with Book Discussion, quizzes, writing activities and a lot more. The excitement of the students could hardly be contained.Continue reading “Ashoka:Subhadra Sen Gupta”


Rani Lakshmibai:Deepa Agarwal

APRIL 10,2010 No one can forget the emotionally charged and inspiring poem about Rani Lakshmibai written by the famous Indian poetess Subhadra Kumari Chauhan. The life of Subhadra Kumari Chauhan is also worth a notice. She was born in a village called Nihalpur in Allahabad District. After her marriage to Thakur Laxman Singh of KhandwaContinue reading “Rani Lakshmibai:Deepa Agarwal”

The Day It Rained Letters:Nury Vittachi

MARCH 6,2010 March 6, 2010, is a date I will remember for a long time. No it’s not my birthday but yes felt like rebirth for me. Today I relived my childhood with the tiny tots from class I and II. This happened all thanks to the Habitat Centre Book Forum. By now you areContinue reading “The Day It Rained Letters:Nury Vittachi”

Percy Jackson series:Rick Riordan

FEBRUARY 13,2010 Welcome to the world of Greek Gods and demons. No I am not taking you all to Greece or anywhere. Rather I am taking you on a journey of adventure and fantasy with our hero Percy Jackson. You may ask who this Percy Jackson is. So let me first introduce him. He isContinue reading “Percy Jackson series:Rick Riordan”

Akela and the Blue Monster;Akela and the Asian Tsunami:Chaman Nahal

SEPTEMBER 12,2009 On 12th September I retraced the steps to India Habitat Centre with my students from class VI. The book chosen for discussion had children waiting in anticipation. The title caught their attention soon. The children were eagerly looking forward to the session. This session saw Professor Chaman Nahal, a renowned author discussing hisContinue reading “Akela and the Blue Monster;Akela and the Asian Tsunami:Chaman Nahal”

Harsha Vardhana:Devika Rangachari

AUGUST 11,2009 Feeling hot hot hot…The sun was burning down upon us as we once trudged along the road to India Habitat Centre for…Yes you guessed it right, another book discussion. For the new comers, the Habitat Book Forum is a platform for children to read books of various genres and be able to expressContinue reading “Harsha Vardhana:Devika Rangachari”

Double Click:Subhadra Sen Gupta

JULY 12,2009 On the dry and humid Saturday of 12th July’2009, I once again traced back my steps to Habitat Centre for the monthly meet of the Book Forum. It was looked forward by all the students.This discussion was attended by students of class IX.The book chosen for discussion was “DOUBLE CKICK” by Subhadra SenContinue reading “Double Click:Subhadra Sen Gupta”

The Story Of Tracy Beaker:Jacqueline Wilson

JANUARY 10,2009 Here I go again about another one of the Book Discussions organized by Children’s Book Forum under the able leadership of Ms.Deepa Agarwal and Ms.Devika Rangachari.This time too it wa sheld in Hbaitat Centre,on 10th January. The book selected for discussion was Jacqueline Wilson’s “THE STORY OF TRACY BEAKER”.Well to begin with JacquelineContinue reading “The Story Of Tracy Beaker:Jacqueline Wilson”