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Christmas fest: Symphony


I know this is a tad too late a post for last year’s celebrations. Been engrossed in too many things and though wanted to write about the wonderful event I never managed to. Better late than never.

I celebrated Christmas fest ‘SYMPHONY’ from 19th to 23rd December’2017, along with my teammates.Several activities were planned for all the classes, SEN children and NIOS students. Separate worksheets were arranged catering to individual needs. Special worksheets were arranged for French and Spanish students as well. Students enjoyed their library classes with mazes, word searches, crosswords based on Christmas. Library was decorated with Christmas and winter symbols to ensure this festive feeling. But the showstopper happened to be the cute snowman which was made with plastic glasses( by me). The whole Library was actively engaged to make the library look more colourful and vibrant. All the decorations were made or drawn by us.

Invites were sent out one week before. Personal invites were given to all the heads. Posters were displayed inside and outside the LRC, in front of the lunch hall, MBR to make children aware about the fest.Competitions were organised for each form. Form VI took part in the Christmas card making competition (they used two colours: red & green). Form VII took part in the Christmas story writing and Form VIII enjoyed Christmas cross words. To make this even more memorable we asked everyone to ‘WISH A BOOK’ in which the users can wish a book and they will get the opportunity to be the first borrower of the same book.

Since day one there was lot of excitement around the event. Library decorations were praised by everyone. Children enjoyed several activities. Apart from regular library classes they came to solve puzzles, fun worksheets. Special thanks to Arti Vig ma’am, in collaboration with her we received wonderful Christmas cards made by our children. SEN chidren also came with Rekha Singhal ma’am and enjoyed special surprises planned only for them. Other teachers also visited LRC during the celebration. Our heartiest thanks to Archana Mishra ma’am, Bhulakshmi Malik ma’am, Komal Dhawan ma’am, Brigitte ma’am, Bhawna Ghosh ma’am, Akansha Malik ma’am for bringing their classes for the celebration and support us. Several teachers, administrative staffs, central office staffs also came to be part of the celebration. Visits by our respected heads boosted us to perform even better. We were delighted with the presence of Manika ma’am, Manisha ma’am, Madhur ma’am, Girija B. ma’am, Anjali ma’am, Shoma ma’am, Aashima ma’am, Ravinder Julka Sir, Yamini ma’am and Pooja Thakur ma’am.


Spook Fest


Booooo ! Yikes ! Eeeeeeeyyaaahhhhh !

You must be thinking what are all these sounds. Well , there were so many ghosts and goblins that it was natural to be scared. Ghost? you ask. Yes, because we at the library celebrated  “Spook Fest” from 24th-27th October to celebrate Halloween. Invites were sent out the week before and personal invites were given to all the heads.

A host of activities were planned for all classes during library like mazes, word search and crosswords. Not to leave behind our national festival we decorated the library for Diwali as well, and had worksheets for both festivals. To ensure that no one is left behind special worksheets were designed and kept for SEN students. The whole library was engaged in creating an unforgettable experience. Bhuwan Sir and Banshi Sir along with the support staff helped adorn the LRC for both the festive looks.

There were two competitions: Cryptographs and Greeting cards (using pages from discarded books) organized for the students. For the teachers, there was Rephrase the sentences (Containing idioms and phrases). Posters were placed all over the school to inform the students about the same.

Since day one, there was lots of excitement around the event. Worksheets were distributed based on Diwali and Halloween during regular library classes. These were taken care of by Banshi Sir. Those interested in attempting the Cryptographs approached Bhuwan Sir as he was handling their queries, and collected the completed worksheets. Some fun masks were also placed for getting pictures clicked.

We saw a lot of teachers bringing their classes to be part of the fest. Brigitte Ma’am brought her class and there was fun in learning as she taught French words relating to Halloween. Following suite were Ms. Archana Verma, Ms. Akanksha Malik, Ms.Supriya Khanna, Ms.Vaishali Thapa, Ms. Vidhi , Ms. Rekha Singhal, Ms.Aarti  and Ms.Sudeshna . They all actively took part with their class in solving the worksheets and participated in Greeting card competition. We had Ms. Namita Shah, Ms. Pujya Ghosh and Ms. Shoma Lahiri try a hand at the competition for the teachers.

There were some treats also for students and teachers. The best part of the event was the visits by our heads, Manika Ma’am, Manisha Ma’am, Madhur Ma’am, Anjali Ma’am and Shoma Ma’am. Their presence and encouragement has left an impact to not only give our best but also the impetus to perform even better.

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Roald Dahl 100th Birthday Bash


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 I have been so caught up with l things at the library past 2 months that I could not write a post. A lot has happened since and the hard work paid off when I saw the students visit the Library more frequently. They are in anticipation for what next.  In the month of September the biggest event ever was organised: ROALD DAHL 100th BIRTHDAY BASH.

Roald Dahl (13 September 1916 – 23 November 1990)

There isn’t a child or adult who has not read at least one book by the famous storyteller. His stories touch everyone across ages, be it “Matilda”, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, The Twits”, the list can go on. And when it’s time to celebrate his birthday and that too his centenary what better than to have a birthday bash in the LRC.

Thus, we at LRC decided to have a week long celebration so that children and staff alike can get some time and spent a few moments to remember the fabulous storyteller. Golden ticket invites were mailed to everyone inviting them to the LRC and participate in some fun activities. The anticipation was set in few days before the event. Students were filled with eagerness to do the fun activities.

As part of fun celebrations, we had set up worksheets ranging from word search to poster making, designing chocolate wrapper, and more. But the most loved was the BFG ears.

We also had our first ever collaborative lesson in the LRC, thanks to Natasha Ma’am and Tanvi Ma’am. They had a lesson about ‘Autobiography and Biography’ in their respective English classes. Using the celebration as the backdrop, each had the class in the Library. There was a reading session by the teacher which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. And we were met with requests from students to have more such classes in the LRC. As the LRC gave them the ambience, learning seemed more fun. There was also an impromptu skit performed by the students. Many students attempted the fun worksheets and also took some home J.

Many teachers also expressed interest in conducting such collaborative lesson in the future. In all this was a rewarding experience for all of us, as we got the chance to celebrate the birthday of this magnificent author and also have fun collaborating for the same.

Do visit the link and checkout the awesome book reading by Natasha Ma’am, and a funny impromptu skit by the students. Watch and enjoy.

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Peace Day Celebrations: 21st September


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I know its been a while that I posted something. But the past one month has been hectic leaving me in a frenzy. But nevertheless here I am posting about all the latest happenings from the library.

The school celebrated Peace Day on 21st September, and we too celebrated the or rather observed the day in our own special way. The display board was done and we prepared some activity sheets for students to express their opinion about Peace. And the response was very deep felt and mature. They expressed themselves through drawings and writings. We also had a discussion as to why peace is so importance in our troubled times. Their opinion clearly echoed how the young minds are disturbed by all the violence and hatred. It was heartening to see that they understand the impact of violence and why peace and tolerance is the need of the hour.

To know more about Peace Day please visit :

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Beyond the Obvious: 6th August


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Slight breeze welcomed me as I stepped outside to board an auto towards the Metro Station. Grey clouds started appeared veiling the sun that tried to outshine itself. But no such luck. Wet breeze kissed my cheeks as I got down at the Metro Station. I got worried seeing the clouds pursuing me, but I was determined not to let my spirits dampen. After all,  I was going to a storytelling workshop which could not only raise my spirits higher but could give wings to my imagination.

I got down at the venue and registered myself. And within seconds there was a drop on my cheek and then the slow trickle gave way to a downpour. We were all seated in the comfortable auditorium waiting for the magic to happen. And boy was  I in for a ride. Since the moment Simi Ma’am came on stage we were all spellbound and held captive by her words and actions. I for one could not take my eyes off her. She seemed to transform into this mystical fairy who sprinkled fairy dust upon us. And we were all transported to a faraway land.

She had us all in raptures. She began the session with a riddle that caught everyone’s attention. It was meant to illustrate the working of the human mind, how it is conditioned in a particular manner based on physical appearances. She very cleverly expressed how the human mind perceives things visually. The answer to the riddle brought forth several versions, which rightfully demonstrated to each his/her perception. Thus, we should delve deeper when we perceive a child and not judge or dismiss them based on their appearances or even the first encounter. Each child is like a flower that opens petal by petal to reveal his/her beauty.

 To further expand on that thought she narrated an incident which a few years back had surfaced in FB. It was about a boy who expresses his gratitude towards his teacher by asking her to fill her the place of his mother at his wedding since his mother was long dead. Had it not been for the efforts from the teacher, the boy would never have made a niche for himself in society. She as a teacher made that extra effort to know the child when he started to drop in his performance. She tracked his earlier form profiles and saw that since his mother’s death , the boy had performed bad. She had a change of perception for the boy who till now was judged as difficult and devil’s own. It was that EXTRA effort on the teacher’s part that changed the child’s life, or else he would gone through schooling unnoticed.

Simi Ma’am progressed on to explaining the fine lines of storytelling. She elucidated upon the concept of “Mini Theatre”  and how stories could be used in daily classes and daily life to teach concepts to children. She tell went on to tell another story which taught factorisation concept in easy steps. I was astonished and speechless that a daily routine in the kitchen could have saved me from the agony of my Maths teacher. But alas! I was not lucky enough to have Simi Ma’am unravel the secrets of learning in stories back then.

We were all students in her magical class, and she was slowly producing one gem after another. To my utter surprise she narrated a fascinating story, but she stopped midway, at the climax. And we were all waiting i anticipation for her to go on and end it. But that is when she dropped her genius art: an open ended story allows growth of personality and lets the imagination run riot. the ending of a story is a reflection of the author: his/her observations/discernment.

In the span of just 2 hours she taught me a lot about the art of storytelling and having incorporated them in my daily life with my daughter, I find her to be too eager for story time. The art of story telling is so ancient that one cannot lay a finger to its origin. But yes, its a universal fact that every culture has stories and that is what makes them rich. India is a diverse land that has so many stories to offer that one cannot consume in a lifetime.

My takeaway: Magic of the story is that it enhances productivity skills of speaking and writing and augments the receptive skills of reading and listening.

I am definitely looking forward to another enthralling session with her and become a child one again.

National Librarians Day:12th August


Dr. S.R.Ranganathan, was born on 9 August 1892. He came from a moderate background in British-ruled India. Ranganathan began his professional life as a mathematician; he earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in mathematics from Madras Christian College in his home province, and then went on to earn a teaching license. His lifelong goal was to teach mathematics, and he was successively a member of the mathematics faculties at universities in Mangalore, Coimbatore and Madras (all within the span of five years). As a mathematics professor, he published a handful of papers, mostly on the history of mathematics. His career as an educator was somewhat hindered by a handicap of stammering (a difficulty Ranganathan gradually overcame in his professional life). The Government of India awarded Padmashri to Dr. S.R. Ranganathan for valuable contributions to Library Science.

Five Laws of Library Science:
• Books are for use
• Every reader his/her book
• Every book, its reader
• Save the time of the reader
• A library is a growing organism

August 12th is being celebrated as National Librarian’s Day in India, in remembrance of national professor of library science, Dr S R Ranganathan (1892-1972), who had spearheaded library development in India.

As a librarian myself, I decided to pay tribute to our Guru by celebrating the day in our school. Not much is known about the day and thus I was unable to create a stir. But yes at my own level accompanied with the support of my colleagues we managed to celebrate the day in our own way. Library is perceived as a boring place because not much is done to enhance the face of the library. But it has been my passion to make library as lively as possible. And so I planned on doing something that was fun and yet related to books. So what better than “BOOKFACE”. 

Next step was the selection of books to do the activity. I managed to get hold of some books that would excite children to participate in the activity. And I was in for a surprise as I had not expected that this would stir interest. Anyways, the day was fun as we too participated with the kids in the activity. There was laughter, mirth and hilarity as the pictures made us all topple with laughter.

I enjoyed the day and so did my colleagues. In our own small way we paid tribute to the man who made us who we are.

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” When the day of judgement dawns and people, great and small, come marching in to receive their heavenly rewards, the Almighty will gaze upon the mere bookworms and say to Peter, ”Look, these need no reward. We have nothing to give them. They have loved reading”………….Virginia Wolf

Well then that places us librarians in a safe lot as we love to read and I can vouch for myself that I want to die while reading. There is no substitute for books. They provide me solace and also wings that take me to unknown faraway lands among goblins, trolls, fairies, nymphs, knights and….I can go on for hours. I have met so many people and made many friends who help me when faced with a crisis. I just need to reach to my bookshelf and pick out a book. Whenever I am faced with a situation that seems too much to handle I always find my answers among books. They speak to me and help me sort out things. So the BOOK LOVERS DAY is special for me. Not just because of my profession but also because they are my lifeline. Books have a power which is revealed to those who treasure them. They can make you experience million lives within a span of say few years. You will never realize that these people will become a part of you and also develop a bond with you.

So on this day as a token of love and to engage fellow readers I had a small display in school library along with Maitreyee Ma’am, the head librarian. Both of us put up books which we liked. Also we took the chance to have kids reach out and read Harry Potter series latest edition. So we had people from Kool Skool (Amit Sarin) bring “The Cursed Child” for sale. Though done on a small basis I had the satisfaction of having done my bit in getting a reader to his/ her book.


Maitreyee Ma’am and me with Harry Potter Books

50th Anniversary for Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”




Unbelievable! Outstanding! Simply great….

The most loved of Roald Dahl’s books “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was first published in the year 1964. It was accompanied by quirky illustrations by Joseph Schindelman. Random House has come out with a special commemorative edition of the classic,  complete with the original illustrations by Joseph Schindelman.

Everyone would agree with me that a reading of this book very easily transports us to the chocolate factory of Mr.Willy Wonka, and arouses our senses to the various tastes and aromas of chocolate. And who can forget the naughty Oompa Loompas. Just when you wish to take a ride down your childhood, this book will definitely have carved a place for itself. I know it does for me. Whenever I see the book on my shelf I smile inspite of myself and for a moment am transported to Wonka Chocolate Factory, tasting one of the new inventions. And yum!! are they tasty….

See I can go on and on about this book because its not just a book. Its a story which hits you in your heart, everyone will find some associations in the various characters. Essentially its the story of how childhood and innocence is lost in the era of industrialization with the advent of TV. Children no longer sit with elders to talk or take time to enjoy little pleasures like candy. It is all mechanical, dull and competitive.


So if you too feel lost in the mad rush for luxury and power, grab hold of a copy of this classic and rewind into your childhood.ENJOY!!! I am going to read the book again. Are you???


BOOK WEEK 2013-14


Another year has come to a closure and what better way than the annual Book Week. Well this Book Week was different from all the others held in the school. This book week was based on the theme of”LITERARY GENRES”. And in today’s time with information explosion it is essential to keep a tab on what one is reading. One can easily get confused as to what genre one is reading. Thus in the book week I tried to keep this mind and plan activities which would help students get a better understanding of the genres. There was Short story writing, Literary genres quiz, Poster making, Comic strip making, Book reports. Each activity was based on a format which was given to the students. Since the format was not given earlier the response from the students was surprising and entertaining.

The students themselves were taken aback when they saw their work. Kudos to all those participated and made my hardwork shine.

I also held an exhibition of all the art works done by the students during the various activities throughout the year. Have a look and enjoy.

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When I think of Winnie the Pooh, the first thought that comes to my mind is a fluffy ,yellow ,cuddly bear. Disney’s creation of Winnie caught the attention of children worldwide. He was there in every household be it clothes, mugs, stationery or anything else. The fever went viral.And not just him but all the other characters are also loved dearly. We all love Piglet,Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit,Owl,Roo and Kanga.

Who can forget the immemorial words of Winnie and Christopher Robin about friendship and life.But only a few know that these characters were based on author A.A. Milne’s own son Christopher Robin Milne’s teddy bear and other toys.

Well all stories somewhere always connect with real life. The first time “Winnie the Pooh” was published was on 6th November’1924. And thus we celebrated the 89th year of its publication in the library. Everyone was just smiling to themselves when Winnie was mentioned. In every heart there lurks the desire to have a friend like Winnie, truthfully I do.


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