Hangwoman by K.R.Meena

Hangwoman by K.R. Meena is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that explores themes of justice, morality, and identity. The book follows the story of Chetna Grddha Mullick, who is the first woman executioner in India, and her struggles to navigate a world where her profession is frowned upon by society. The novel is beautifully written,Continue reading “Hangwoman by K.R.Meena”

A Shadow by Gitte Tamar

It’s a rarity that I have been disappointed with a book I’ve picked up. When I saw this book, I was really excited about it. I had a feeling that the book would be unlike any children’s book I have read. I was not prepared for this though. The art is eerie and gloomy, andContinue reading “A Shadow by Gitte Tamar”

Lucy and the Enchanted Forest by J P Anthony Williams

“Lucy and the Enchanted Forest” by J.P. Williams is a charming children’s book about a young girl named Lucy who becomes lost in a magical forest. Lucy is a young girl who one days sets out with her mother to collect some berries. While looking for berries she sees a magically splendid colorful butterfly. LucyContinue reading “Lucy and the Enchanted Forest by J P Anthony Williams”

The Zoya Factor: Anuja Chauhan

“The Zoya Factor” by Anuja Chauhan is a delightful romantic-comedy novel that revolves around the Indian cricket team and a young advertising executive, Zoya Solanki, who unwittingly becomes the team’s lucky charm. The book is set against the backdrop of the 2011 Cricket World Cup and follows the journey of the Indian cricket team asContinue reading “The Zoya Factor: Anuja Chauhan”

Unicorn for a Day by Golan Vaknin

Unicorn for a Day is a charming children’s book that takes readers on a magical adventure through the eyes of a child. This is a heartwarming story of a father and his little daughter’s lively, creative bond. They take a few diversions on their way home from school, which causes them to be late, butContinue reading “Unicorn for a Day by Golan Vaknin”

A Fish Called Andromeda by Cynthia C. Huijgens

A heartwarming story of going the extra mile to make dreams come true. The story follows the young girl, Zuki, who longs to have a pet fish but is denied by her mother. Determined to have her own fish, Zuki uses her art supplies to create a fish of her own. However, she accidentally losesContinue reading “A Fish Called Andromeda by Cynthia C. Huijgens”

The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart by Lauren Lee

“The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart” is a heartwarming and touching story that speaks to both children and adults alike. The central character, a young girl born with a lock on her heart, embarks on a journey to find the key that will unlock her heart and bring her love. The story exploresContinue reading “The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart by Lauren Lee”

Something More!: Essential Attitudes for Building the Life You Want (and avoiding mistakes along the way) By Amrit Kirpalani

This is a well-written and well-put together book which helps readers understand what holds them back from achieving their full potential. In order to demonstrate to the reader how they can achieve their goals, the writers have performed a fantastic job of providing well-researched stages through the various interviews and studies. The reader is muchContinue reading “Something More!: Essential Attitudes for Building the Life You Want (and avoiding mistakes along the way) By Amrit Kirpalani”

Homer’s Odyssey Part I: The Journey Home By P. N. Garlick

Homer’s Odyssey Part I: The Journey Home by P.N. Garlick is a heartwarming retelling of Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, where the main character is an otter who is swept away from his family he spring rains arrive early and washout the dam above his burrow. He then finds himself in the City, alone andContinue reading “Homer’s Odyssey Part I: The Journey Home By P. N. Garlick”

School Library Orientation

A School Library Orientation is a program or event designed to introduce students to the resources and services available at their school library. This may include a tour of the library facilities, an explanation of how to access and use the library’s collections and databases, and information about library policies and procedures. It may alsoContinue reading “School Library Orientation”