HCBF Celebrations:November 3’2010

HCBF ANNUAL CELEBRATIONS The HCBF celebrated its seventh birthday with its Annual event on November 13, held at IHC Lodi Road. Many events were planned for the celebration. From our school 5 children from class IV took part in “Create a Newspaper” activity. Children made the front page of a news paper based on theContinue reading “HCBF Celebrations:November 3’2010”


Mr.Oliver’s Diary:October 23’2010

“MR.OLIVER’S DIARY: RUSKIN BOND” Excited, thrilled, jubilant, I was all these and more. When Sigy Ma’am told me that in October we have a book discussion on Ruskin Bond’s book, I just could not control myself. I gave Ma’am my name in advance because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity at all. So, onContinue reading “Mr.Oliver’s Diary:October 23’2010”

Terror on the Titanic:August 28’2010

TERROR ON THE TITIANIC, AUGUST 28TH The Titanic started its journey towards New York on April 14, 1912. And onboard were Morningstar Agency’s star agents, Nathaniel Brown and Genevieve. They are sent on a mission to prevent a stolen jewel, a ruby known as the Eye of the Empire, from reaching America. The mission seemedContinue reading “Terror on the Titanic:August 28’2010”