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Plagiarism and Referencing Basics


Plagiarism is a major threat for students and scholars submitting their works. The importance of Referencing and the dangers of plagiarism is lost on the students today since they are unaware about copyrights and its violation. Schools and universities rarely lay stress on the importance of giving credit to the original work that one uses while conducting research. With the information explosion and the ease of WWW, giving of due credit is easily forgotten and ignored. Thus, as a librarian engaged with students preparing to embark on a journey that can make or break their future, it is prime duty to teach referencing and impart knowledge about plagiarism. Here is the presentation on the same:

Plagiarism and Referencing Basics

Here is another one prepared for IGCSE Global Perspectives students.

Referencing & Plagiarism


Referencing and MLA 8 Basics


Dear Friends, my tenure in The Shri Ram School taught me a lot in terms of IBDP curriculum. As a librarian I found myself learning something new each day and having to step out of the comfort zone to perform better. I am not much of a public speaker, but in my role as librarian I conducted workshops for IB students to help them in their Extended Essay and TOK. The task of teaching referencing and citation was upon me that left me with cold feet. But with passage of time, I became confident and learnt that mistakes only helped learn and teach better. In one such workshop I taught the students MLA 8 style of referencing. Below is the presentation:

Referencing and MLA 8 Basics

IB Theatre Presentation


On 3rd August’2017, under the guidance of Ms. Uma Bordoloi(Theatre Teacher), I conducted a mini capsule on IB Theatre Research Presentation for IB 2 students. The aim of the capsule was to equip the students with skills to evaluate and judge the credibility of various sources. The capsule was based on the Theatre Research Presentation wherein each student would have to demonstrate a Moment of Theatre after having conducted research about the same. It is for this purpose that the capsule was designed. The students were guided step by step how to proceed for research. Please find below the Presentation.

IB Theatre Individual Presentation