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All that could have been: Mahesh Bhatt, Suhrita Sengupta


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“All that could have Been” is a 142 page turner that leaves you asking for more.It does not beat round the bush and the tight plot makes it a delightful read. The book is about unrequited love. Yet at the same time it is about love that surpasses all odds and does not follow the injunctions of the world.

The book raises many questions for the discerning reader and forces you to question the norms and dictates that govern our society. He questions through the story that why women alone are tied down by traditions and customs. And the men are free from the shackles that otherwise suffocate the lives of women. It is in this very strain that the story unfolds. The novel questions the restrain society places on emotions and passions. And why passion is a taboo, a word which only creates dirty images and is treated only with sexual connotations. But for a mature person passion withholds in itself several layers of meaning and depends on the people.

Vasudha Prasad is a single mother though married she raises her son single handedly. . She keeps the memory of his father alive for him by writing notes to him and giving gifts in his name. The father in question, Hari Prasad is missing all this while. In the midst of her sheltered life enters Aarav Ruparel, a rich hotelier who has no fixed address. He has lived out of a suitcase and is amongst one of the richest men alive. Fate plays its cards, Vasudha and Aarav’s path cross and the rest that follows is not something they could predict or control.

This is a story of love and sacrifice. Its about all encompassing love that makes existence worthwhile even if lived short. Vasudha’s story tugs strongly at your heart, making you cry between your tears. The connection between Vasudha and Aarav will make you hold your breath and their love will make you feel light. A book that takes you on a ride of emotions, took a piece of me when I finished it. Left me asking for more.

Mahesh Bhatt is truly skilled in narration with never a dull moment. The story grips you from the start since you cannot predict the turn of events. Just when you think you know what will happen in the next page, your thoughts are overthrown by the author in his signature style.



Roald Dahl 100th Birthday Bash


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 I have been so caught up with l things at the library past 2 months that I could not write a post. A lot has happened since and the hard work paid off when I saw the students visit the Library more frequently. They are in anticipation for what next.  In the month of September the biggest event ever was organised: ROALD DAHL 100th BIRTHDAY BASH.

Roald Dahl (13 September 1916 – 23 November 1990)

There isn’t a child or adult who has not read at least one book by the famous storyteller. His stories touch everyone across ages, be it “Matilda”, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, The Twits”, the list can go on. And when it’s time to celebrate his birthday and that too his centenary what better than to have a birthday bash in the LRC.

Thus, we at LRC decided to have a week long celebration so that children and staff alike can get some time and spent a few moments to remember the fabulous storyteller. Golden ticket invites were mailed to everyone inviting them to the LRC and participate in some fun activities. The anticipation was set in few days before the event. Students were filled with eagerness to do the fun activities.

As part of fun celebrations, we had set up worksheets ranging from word search to poster making, designing chocolate wrapper, and more. But the most loved was the BFG ears.

We also had our first ever collaborative lesson in the LRC, thanks to Natasha Ma’am and Tanvi Ma’am. They had a lesson about ‘Autobiography and Biography’ in their respective English classes. Using the celebration as the backdrop, each had the class in the Library. There was a reading session by the teacher which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. And we were met with requests from students to have more such classes in the LRC. As the LRC gave them the ambience, learning seemed more fun. There was also an impromptu skit performed by the students. Many students attempted the fun worksheets and also took some home J.

Many teachers also expressed interest in conducting such collaborative lesson in the future. In all this was a rewarding experience for all of us, as we got the chance to celebrate the birthday of this magnificent author and also have fun collaborating for the same.

Do visit the link and checkout the awesome book reading by Natasha Ma’am, and a funny impromptu skit by the students. Watch and enjoy.

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Recap St. Mary’s School…..



As I embark on yet another journey as a librarian I stop to remember the journey so far. And I go back to the time I first stepped inside St.Mary’s school as Librarian. My first job and I had butterflies flitting across my tummy. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I met Bhooma Ma’am who was then relocating to another city, and hence was resigning from the job. I was introduced to the job that required the patience of an ox and the hardwork of an ant. I learnt the nuances of being a librarian. And then slowly without my knowledge I had made friends that were too many to count and now share an ample space in my FB account. I was not just a Librarian, the children found me as a partner in crime. I was naughty with them but they knew well not to cross limits and I never faced disciplinary issue with them. They shared their heartbreaks, crushes, success, disappointments and even their darkest secrets, knowing only too well that it will be well guarded. An then I was made English teacher to substitute for a teacher on medical leave. And believe me I was jittery having to face you outside my comfort zone. You helped me grow and learn to be confident in every situation. I had a tough time getting you people to calm down and to contain your excitement. Had to take extreme steps as well, but I am blessed that it never came in the path of our friendship. Our bonds only deepened after my teaching stint. I realised that you were much more comfortable with me as you had seen me cry out of desperation. I still cherish the cards and bands you gifted for Teachers day and Friendships day. My job was thankful because I found you.

You increased my tank of knowledge and fun by including me in your repartee. Never for once did you flinch before me in sharing snippets that had me flipping with laughter and wonder with amusement. You guys are me lifeline. Whenever I feel down in my journey I need only to look back and rewind. I know you wrap me with your love and affection. I cannot take names as then this post will never finish. But yes there are some very special people who have left an impression in my heart that warms me in my coldest days.

I thank Annie Koshi Ma’am for giving me my first job and valuable lessons as well as opportunities for learning and growing. And then my special people: Kaul Ma’am, Joyshree, Lepakshi, Serene Ma’am, Annie Tharyan Ma’am, Mary Ma’am, Paromita Ma’am, Anu Thomas Sir, Pradeep S, Pallav, Ganeshan, Trisha, Gitanjali, Amarinder, Kriti, Lalit, Ishaan, Shrestha,Rowena, Mahima, Ashish P, Baneet, Siddhant, Shashank, Suhas, Arjun, Priya, Deepanshi… I hope I get to meet you all some day. You are all very special and each moment spent in SMS is etched in my heart forever. Love you all.