The Man Who Wouldn’t Stand Up: Jacob M Appel

GENRE: Fiction, Satire My Rating:4/5 This book is a great satire of how most Americans found their lives changed post 9/11.The book makes some incredible points regarding patriotism, mob mentality, the media, its desire to overkill for increased TRPs and sensationalism. I loved that this book managed to be a fun and interesting read whileContinue reading “The Man Who Wouldn’t Stand Up: Jacob M Appel”

Sabrina: Nick Drnaso

GENRE: Sequential Art, Graphic Novel, Fiction Rating:1/5 Having finished the Man Booker prize nominee and the first graphic novel to be listed, I was left befuddled. I started to collect my thoughts many times to make them into a cohesive whole. But I failed at my attempts. A multitude of emotions were running in myContinue reading “Sabrina: Nick Drnaso”

Matilda Turns 30!!!!!

Photograph: Penguin Random House Roald Dahl was one of my favorite authors whenever I stepped into a library or bookshop as a child. And I still find myself swerve towards shelves that showcase his books. Thus, when I read that to mark the 30th anniversary of the first publication of the book Matilda, three sketchesContinue reading “Matilda Turns 30!!!!!”

End of an era. Stop. India scraps the telegram. Stop.

In years gone by, the arrival of a telegram could make the heart skip a beat or the stomach tighten. Was there terrible news of a son at war on foreign shores or a declaration of love from a suitor? A derelict name board for the Bangalore Telegraph office lies on the ground outside theContinue reading “End of an era. Stop. India scraps the telegram. Stop.”

The end of an iconic era.Stop.Indian telegram ends in July.Stop.

A few years ago the sight of the postman at our doorstep with a telegram was enough to skip a beat or the tightening of the stomach. It was the bearer of both good and bad news. It could bring sorrow with the shattering news of a son/husband/father death or missing in action at warContinue reading “The end of an iconic era.Stop.Indian telegram ends in July.Stop.”